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buildmeanigloo 01-12-2013 02:15 PM

Forbidden Gaming hosting Teemo Hunt 5v5 Tournament.

This tournament is only for Forbidden Gaming Community's members!
So Join today! You will become a member in 5 days !

Update and Sign-Up can be found through our website : www.forbiddengaming.net

Time: Tentatively 5pm EST
When: January 26th, 2013
Maximum Submission counts : 16 teams ( 80 people ).
Gameplay: 5 v. 5 match up on Summonerís Rift.

Prize :
-Special Teemo Hunterís tag on Teamspeak for the winning team.
-Each member in the winning team will have a special username effect on our website for a limited time.
-RP prize!! Please stay tuned for Event updates leading towards the event to find out how much you will win !

About Teemo Hunt:
Each team will be randomly assigned from the event signup.
A team cannot participate in the tournament if they have less than 4 members playing in the tournament.
This means that you can still participate in the tournament with 4 players.
Teemo that is on a 4 man team will be allowed to buy items as a handicap.
However, teemo will not be allowed to buy boots.

Game Time restriction:
Each game will only last 15 minutes long.
A team with the most Teemo kills will win the game.
If both teams do not get a kill on Teemo, then the winning team will be decided by teamís total minion kills.

Rules for Teemo Hunt:
1. Team A hunts for Team Bís Teemo, and Team B will hunt for Team Aís Teemo.
2. Each Team must have a Teemo.
3. Teemo on each team is not allowed to buy any items.( unless you are missing a player ).
4. No one is allowed to attack the opponent teamís towers.
5. No champion is allowed to lane. This means that farming for any champion is only allowed in the jungle.
6. Teemo is allowed to attack, upgrade abilities, and move around.
7. Each Teemo must stay in their side of the jungle. Do not cross River.
8. Any champion besides Teemo is able to purchase items.
9. Only one champion from each team is allowed to have an Oracle.
10. A champion is allowed to buy an Oracle item AFTER the 5 minute mark in game.
11. Teemo must move from one bush to another every minute.

Champion Ban List for the Event
Twisted Fate
Lee Sin

Banned Items for the Event
- Guardian Angel
- Gold per 5 items
- pink wards

Banned Spell for the Event
- Teleport

buildmeanigloo 01-12-2013 05:50 PM


buildmeanigloo 01-12-2013 07:25 PM

Come play with us !

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buildmeanigloo 01-15-2013 03:19 AM

Yay for teemo ~

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