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LUG Spartan 01-12-2013 12:10 PM

LinkedUpGaming's 1v1 Tournament Being Livestreamed
The League Of Legends 1v1 tournament, sponsored by LinkedUpGaming, will be streamed via two Twitch Channels.



Each channel will be streaming different matches, without commentary, from 5pm EST to 11pm this evening.

Tomorrow, 1/13/13, the quarter finals and on will be streamed, with commentary, on the Tournaments channel.

The participants of this tournament will be battling single elimination matches till the quarter finals, where then every match will be a best of 3. The victor will be prized with $50 RP. Second will recieve $30 RP and third will be rewarded $10 RP.

Here is the bracket for anyone interested in the standings.


Be sure to follow both streams. We continuously are growing; planning events, running streams and organizing giveaways. So feel free to participate in any or all of them. We also have an Xbox COD:BO2 SND 4v4 next weekend. First place wins $120 and second gets $60 in winnings. Just like us on FaceBook and Follow us on Twitter to keep up and don't miss out.



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