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Food Poisoning 01-11-2013 12:36 PM

the cheating continues
ok re earlier post what happened to the game I used to know

I was happily battling away in mid.
When things start to get a little hectic me and another attacking one intermediate bot at mid lane pretty close to being rite in front from their stairs, just down from mid second outer turret.

I was playing ashe when another bot comes from top right lane, just in front of the bricks of lane part and heads towards me, im slightly down lane then stops and starts attacking our tank..ok ..

next thing I know..fiddlesticks comes out from where the wolves are and immediately goes into ulti mode ( you see him and blam he ulti ) with crows a screaming and such.

Wow epic blam again im thinking..I am only across the lane from him maybe the distance again of the width of his ulti

So I think goodness! got to save my buddy, hes gongto get slaughtered slowed and same result.. gawd .. What can I do!!
OH quick I know..
I'll use my ulti arrow!!
That might help save him if I can nail fiddle..hes so close and in ulti mode he cant move! hehe easy!


Again another bot glitch? how the ( expletive ) fiiddle can flash while in middle of his Ult thus avoiding Ashes ulti and then fiddles continue to ulti and take out me and my team mate.
Yes definitely flash or it certainly looked like it, I didn't check to see what spell he had that match.

So not only that my buddy gets killed and so do I.

Is this a windows 8 thing that is ( player censored) up?


I am getting real tired of bots doing impossible things the OP lame AI is killing the game for me flashing while in middle of ulti and ganking 2 of us :/

Bots doing things that not even pros can do..i mean come on seriously.

fix it guys pleaaaase im pleading for this to be fixed...this game is my favourite but its been seriously lamed out by things like this.

I might have to start looking for a game where the ai is not only legendary its just B$ :/

before you say intermediate bots is easy you try an ashe intermediate game.
Yes you will still win, but its not much fun with things like the above happening.
then post and see what the hang happened. - please leave operating system details.

Check out the pin point timing bots have in moving out the way of ulti and even seemingly cheating :/

Im trialing the Ashes to Ashes guide in mobafire ( at much expense for runes) which is kinda weak against these bots. As its not really unfortunately not to good effective until late game so it would seem.

Am I the only one getting killed by stupid random OP AI which are does things that players, not even pros can do?
As far as I recall I never seen a fiddlesticks flash while ulti then continue to ulti after flash...

thanks for your time

Hiryato 01-11-2013 12:43 PM

I... Can't tell if this is a serious post...

AnitaPhuc 01-11-2013 12:45 PM

Lol, if you can't beat inter bots, lol. Anyway, Fid can do that. It's not cheating, lol. Inter bots have way better team work than beg bots so you have to always watch out for ganks.

PogoPogoPogoPogo 01-11-2013 12:45 PM

lul wut?

Sorreck 01-11-2013 12:52 PM

Not sure if player is bad/new or trolling

Phoenix0Wright 01-11-2013 01:05 PM

1) Fiddlesticks can move during his ult. He channels for a short bit, blinks to a new location, then runs around with crows everywhere.

2) Don't go whining about bots cheating if you don't even understand the basic concepts of the game.

3) Why would Riot program the bots to cheat? It makes absolutely no sense.

Dark Nephthys 01-11-2013 02:01 PM

I played Beginner and Inter a lot and I never noticed anything that I'd consider "cheating" for them...However there are things I noticed that annoy's me...

1. I noticed that no matter where I go, or who I pick (Squishy or even a tank like Alistar/Rammus) I'm always the one that they triple team no matter the area I go (In Co-op Vs AI so there's all players vs bots)

2. Some reason I noticed the bot's turrets seems to attack and lock on so much faster then ours. I could be next to a group of minions, and the bot would be behind their tower. I won't even target the bot but I run to the turret and get locked on the second I go into range instantly hitting me 2 times very quickly. But when I'm at my turret and their's bots attacking me, it always takes about a few seconds until the turret targets them and then another few seconds until it shoots them only 1 time. I don't know could just be them attacking me early game, and then me attacking them late game (not sure if the turret's get faster reaction time/range as the game goes on) but this is what happened to me a few times.

Other then those 2, nothing serious. I don't see why you would quit LoL over your incident anyways...Because you really should be doing pvp anyways and not bot matches a lot. I generally only play with friends for pvp since I never liked teaming with randoms anymore just because it's not worth the hassle half of the time.

JanosWuryon 01-11-2013 05:45 PM

bots do have preprogrammed advantages to enable them to keep up with players up to a certain level of skill. In most cases this mean that the bots match you in level, gold and items no matter how hard you beat them. its not cheating its what is necessary for an AI, no matter how dynamic to keep pace with humans who can exploit bot programming.
As for everything else you say its all fine and legal, except I do think the bots have some sort of instaport when ever they are off the minimap but thats speculation it just always feels like they move way to fast when you arent looking at them, like slasher flick bad guys or weeping angels...
Don't blink

BigWenus 01-11-2013 07:07 PM

This guy plays nothing but bots LOL WTF

BigWenus 01-11-2013 07:08 PM

This kids like 7 years old most likely

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