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IIYggdrasill 01-10-2013 09:04 PM

Solo Que Woes
Been playing a lot of Solo Que lately, and I've been noticing huge issues with dropping elo. No matter what lane I play, no matter what champion, no matter how many games I dodge with fighting taking place pre-game I can't win. I try my best to initiate when I play a tank, to ward and freeze lane to support and even benchmark cs as high as I can. Gank mid from top or from bot and try to snowball them but every game I manage to get either a troll or a fresh 30 deciding to hop into ranked with no worries about anything and it frustrates me to no end. I don't enjoy playing solo normal or draft so I choose to play Solo Que to improve, however no matter my play style I cannot win. Can anyone try to guide me into gaining elo, I don't believe in an elo hell and believe you CAN carry yourself out as many pro's talk about but at my current skill level it seems insanely difficult.

Top Lane: Irelia vs Olaf 0/3/0 134CS; Result:Loss
Top Lane: Irelia vs Wukong 7/6/2 187CS; Result:Loss
Support : Morgana 2/11/21 48CS; Result:Loss
Jungle : Lee Sin vs Xin Zhao 0/4/1 93CS; Result Loss

So far with lots of below average teammates I feel dragged down but know it is also partly my fault for sub par engages or positioning. I can stream or record my games over YouTube if someone wants to look them over but I hope to hit Silver before the end of the season and my mechanics may be a bit rusty or imperfect

Xenivid 01-10-2013 09:44 PM

Well Olaf counters Irelia hard in lane if he gets a lead and since you're 0/3/0 it looks like he did. Irelia is strong in late game but you should only take her when you know you can have a solid laning phase. When choosing a support I take a couple things into consideration: My adc, the opposing bot lane, and what my team is currently built (do we need a tanky initiator, or can I play something with more more damage?). Lee Sin jungle is interesting because you fall off late game so you have to rely on snowballing your lanes. Do you practice a lot in ARAM? It can help a lot with learning how to counter-build and teamfight.

IIYggdrasill 01-10-2013 09:57 PM

I play some ARAM, however it is my positioning that I have issues with more then counter-building. I also don't know when to judge if it is safe to trade or put pressure aside from warding and watching for ganks.

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