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BergMeister 01-10-2013 09:42 AM

BergMeister's Mountain (Index of Creations, CCFC stuff, and Commissions)
Hello all, as I've found myself bumping multiple threads I've decided it is time for me to have my own personal index rather than bumping everything. While I do not have a lot of content as of now, more posts may be made in the future for the content that I will be placing in this post.

First off let me begin by introducing myself to those who do not already know me. My gamename is BergMeister and that is how I am known among this forum. I am part of the Council, a group seeking to improve the overall quality of this community and offer reliable reviews and helpful links for the betterment of champion crafting. Personally, I am a second year Illustration Major seeking to eventually be a concept artist, perhaps even at Riot. I have recently taken the plunge into digital art exploring its depths and the general how to do. Enough about me, on to the important stuff.

This Post will contain a list of champions I have completed (not that many right now), upcoming champions, and ideas, review requests, council related information, and lastly commission requests for art.

Completed Champions:

The Swarm of the Void
The Swarm of the Void is a champion based upon a deep combo system allowing them to adapt to a multitude of changing situations.

Achion, the Inversed Reality [WIP]
Achion is a mage type champion whose signature move is the ability to create dimensional rifts that empower him and disrupt enemies.

Upcoming Champions:

Upcoming Ideas:

Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness is an expansion to League of Legends thats primary focus is the Invasion of the Void. It is a superthread containing links to skins, maps, champions, etc. The Heart of Darkness is upon us!

CCFC Related information:
As a Council member I have decided to do an AMA on Ability Synergy in hopes to help the community, Please come to this thread for information about synergy. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2915399

For any additional links to other AMA's as well as any other helpful posts that we have compiled. Please refer to this link

For those who are interested in aquiring the services of an amazing lorecrafter I do suggest to you a good friend of mine Moby The White. Tell him Berg sent you [;

BergMeister 01-10-2013 09:42 AM

On to the next topic!

In this post I will have my list of review requests. There are two types of requests that I will honor. Personal Requests and Council Sanctioned Requests. Personal Requests work like this, you review one of my champions or ideas (right now only the Swarm is available) and I will in turn based upon the quality of your review will review a champion you have posted below. Please only ask me to review champions that have an element of completion to them, unless you really need help with a particular area. Don't ask me to write your lore I'm horrible at grammar and spelling. Council requests are to be sent to the Council Review Thread. If you would like me to personally review it, please post on the thread that you wish for BergMeister to complete this review.

Currently Reviewing:

Review Queue:

Completed Reviews:
Nayenne, the Survivor
Gabriel, the Scrap Animator

BergMeister 01-10-2013 09:43 AM

9 Attachment(s)
Last But not least, As an artist I am more than willing to do commissions for other peoples champions. I offer my services for free, however, customers who do offer a particular reward for completion will have a higher priority than those who do not and have the right to set a deadline, however if I am recieved a deadline of 1 day, I might need a bit of a higher reward than say a few dollars and a shoutout, this is only out of fairness to me. That being said, if I am already working on a particular piece for someone I will not tell them to go F themselves and start working on the next persons project. I'm not a mean guy. My email will be the main form of communication, this will be distributed once I verify that the person I'm talking to is serious about utilizing my services. I can complete projects in a variety of ways, from traditional to digital. This is up to the person who is utilizing my services. I will not make that choice.

Important notice: It has been brought to my attention some people are afraid of approaching me? Why? I don't bite, I'd gladly take commissions!

All completed artworks that I am proud of will be posted on my DeviantArt, a link will be put on the deviant art to the creators champion.

My Deviant Art: http://silversunart.deviantart.com/gallery/

In Progress:
iam Versatility's Champions

Commission Queue:

Moby the White's Champions

My queue has been filled up temporarily. Feel free to still make requests however I will not make promises until more spots are opened and I have a chance to look over them.

Completed Works:
Dante, The Darkslayer
Attachment 590438
Helba, The Master of Chaos
Attachment 592904
Achion, The Inversed Reality
Attachment 610616
Attachment 658471

Other Works:
Attachment 590425 Attachment 590444 Attachment 590445 Attachment 610373

Scrapped Works/Honorable Warm-ups:
Attachment 662627 --This was a start for Vuduu by Moby the White, but Moby requested that the nose be shrank and the body be fixed. Thus a new version will be created and this piece was scrapped and marked as a warm-up.

Progress on Throwdown: I have been battling with different versions of the same image and debating which one I want to do. I believe I may have finally hit the one I want, but I need to play with it. The champion that I have selected is Thresh, and he will likely be using twin shadows. One version shows him lighting his lantern with the soul of a fallen enemy, another with him hooking a victim in, and another slowly driving away and the sanity of a victim. However, I just had the idea of showing Thresh raising up a soul for all to see, In the soul will be a room with a man sitting in a chair appearing to have completely lost his sanity.

NobSaiboot 01-10-2013 10:13 AM

1 Attachment(s)
If you go into advance options click on the paper-clip icon then click on the attachment you want to use.

Should look like [ATTACH]XXXXXXX[/ATTACH] in edit or Attachment 590431 when done right.

BergMeister 01-10-2013 10:17 AM

ahhhhh. Thank ya sir. Been trying to figure that out for the longest time. Btw, love the picture you chose. NOT THE BEES!!!!! AHHHHH

BergMeister 01-13-2013 02:03 PM


Nysta 01-13-2013 02:52 PM

Looking to review something? I'd appreciate any feedback on Nayenne, be it about the abilities, the balancing, the wordings, the lore, the art..!

Anyways, I'm willing to do something similar for you if you review it, so if you want me to, just tell me (easiest way, in a comment on my Concept, I'll check that regularly).


Fine! Want it with quotes of what I'm commenting on so it looks like more or not? xD
(Don't measure quality by quantity, eh?! I don't do so!)

BergMeister 01-13-2013 03:33 PM

I go by quality not quantity. If you can manage to tell me everything wrong right etc about my champion in 3 words then so be it. But I know thats not possible haha. Say what you will and what you think. I just don't want someone saying "Oh its good. I like it. Roit Plz?! Review mine now please?"

Nysta 01-13-2013 03:40 PM

Want me to press enter so you see what I'm working at right now?
Better overview for what abilities do.


You can start with mine anytime, I'm not one of those guys that tells you he would do something and then goes 'hahaha'. I expect you to react to my responses to your feedback. I'll try to do the same concerning your Concept.


Decided to tell you what I'm getting at: You list your abilities under the button which you got to press for it to activate. This is confusing seeing this will never even be a possible combo.
I suggest listing your abilities as combos. 1st Q, 2nd W => 3rd Q / 3rd E, 2nd E => 3rd Q / 3rd W. Get it? Did I misunderstand anything? If yes, tell me please, I don't want to do this for no reason.

BergMeister 01-13-2013 05:02 PM

You cannot recast an ability twice in the same combo. You will click all 3 abilities Q W and E. The order you push them in is what makes the difference as to what happens. A lot of reading, so theres a lot to digest in your review. so It'll take a while to finish through and understand everything your saying. An in depth review will be done tomorrow. I'm currently working on a commission too, so I wanna give your champion hearty amount of time rather than rushing it.

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