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Rondait 01-06-2013 07:29 PM

So Apparently I'm Doing Things Wrong
So i was at 1096 ELO sitting high after one of the best games i've had in a long time as an adc. I was Cait, went 12/0/0, probably had the best Volibear support i've ever seen. He'll go places.

I take a small break, study lines (i'm into acting), and solo queue again. I'm third pick, rolls are called. My computer hits a random fps spike and i'm there after all the calls. I ended up with jungle.

If you were to look far back in my stats you'd see that by far my worst position is jungle. I can't jungle at all, in fact i can't think of a time i have other then maybe three times in blind pick. I decided that pick order is OP and steal last picks mid. I hated to do it, and explained it in chat. If for any reason I got reported that game, i figured it would be this. I was going as Cass with Fizz as my lane opponent.

We get in game, i'm getting a few more last hits and bullying Fizz as any Cass should. Suddenly, because of my underestimating the enemy team a random Lee Sin comes out of the bush with a fizz joining him for a quick first blood. This was at level 3.

I mutter under my breath, apologize to my team, and continue going into lane. Fizz had caught up to me in farm, but the Lee got the kill, so i wasn't too worried about my lane being instantly lost. I should of thought again. Lee sin comes flying out of the bush again and kills me again.

I get multiple triple dots from my team as is to be expected, so i buy wards and a dorans ring and resume laning. At this point Fizz is at a pretty great advantage due to being at level 6 with me at four, and even through my attempt at a passive lane kills me right before my bot lane gets a kill. By now i could tell my team was getting slightly perturbed.

Game goes on, and i keep dieing even though i'm under tower and trying to be as passive as can be. I consider myself to be a decent Cass player, and i'm beating myself up about this, admitting to the enemy team when my team mates were raging that yes, this is indeed my fault.

Bot lane got fed, tried to kill Fizz. An enemy is legendary....ENEMY DOUBLE KILL!

By now (6 deaths) my team is yelling at the other to report me for intentional feeding, even though i am trying to apologize and telling them that no, i am not some troll. I'm trying to do what i can, but i'm doing terrible at it.

A team fight happens 5 v 5. I blow my ult and am so under leveled (i'm level 9 when the rest of my team is about 13) and under farmed that i stay back under tower to avoid dieing. They then tell the enemy team to not only report me for feeding, but also afking.

I ended the game 0/9/0 when we surrendered. Probably got hit with about twenty different reports and feeling like ****. I would like to formally apologize to my team and say i'm sorry. I was pissed at myself about that game for the better part of an hour, and still now. I just want to know what i can do to get better.

I've done badly in ranked before, but never this. At least when i'm doing badly in ranked i'm usually doing something that makes my team think that i wouldn't be better off leaving. So please, what can I honestly do to get better?

Rewdas 01-06-2013 07:31 PM


Torwulf 01-06-2013 07:34 PM

It happens to everyone, just brush it off and don't worry about it. If you're ever in a similar position and your team is getting under your skin, /ignore them and just do your best until the game is over.

Vaerwyr 01-06-2013 07:37 PM

Honestly people under 1300~ elo shouldn't be able to report. They don't understand how the game works, and therefor can't make good decisions. Bad games happen, sometimes in those situations it's best to not lane even lane anymore. Cass can push wave faster and safe then you think, Q, backup, Q, backup, Q, for about 67-80~ mana, then go farm the jungle. Fizz is a burst assassin mage, if he's beating you, don't lane against him.

Tenmar 01-06-2013 07:38 PM

How dare you ruin 9 other player's experience with this game! You need to get banned and understand that you can NEVER get a lag spike while playing this game. You have only yourself to blame for not doing a ping test to riot's servers, and ensuring that you have a stable connection...

...or you could just actually start practicing jungle and not just specialize in one role or one champ but instead have a roster of champs that you know you can play well and be aware of hard counters for each champ you pick for said role.

I recommend you start following stonewall and watch his videos for a foundation and build from there.

alxJaZe 01-06-2013 07:39 PM

There's pretty much nothing you can do if fizz is that far ahead.

Just play way more careful against lee jungle and you'll be fine

Asdioh 01-06-2013 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by alxJaZe (Hozzászólás 33226719)
There's pretty much nothing you can do if fizz is that far ahead.

Just play way more careful against lee jungle and you'll be fine

Pretty much this. Your teammates should know that Fizz is a god of tower diving once he's sufficiently ahead.

It seems like the best you could have done was play more safely early game, when you had no wards, and of course buy wards ASAP. You should ALWAYS ALWAYS account for the possibility that the enemy jungler is coming to gank you RIGHT NOW, unless of course you can see him somewhere else on the map, or you have wards properly placed. If you learn that lesson, you should be able to prevent early snowballs like that.

BigBaR0n 01-06-2013 07:45 PM

Bad games come and go. It's frustrating, but it happens to the best of the best. Those people who rage at you and call you noob, it certainly happens to them too. If they have a temper like that and can't forgive you when you're having a bad game, it probably happens to them more because of their attitude. You shouldn't get reported, as long as those who read the reports have a hint of sense they will see that you were sorry and won't report.
One thing that we just have to put up with in this game is angry players. If you do well they rage at you, if you don't do well they rage at you. No matter what, you get hated oh :/ just accept that it's senseless rage and it doesn't actually mean anything.

TornSpirit 01-06-2013 07:46 PM

Jungle and support have RIDICULOUSLY different mindsets to everyone else in the game.

You need to take a step back and realise that there's so many things that you didn't even need to account for in regular lanes (ADC, mid, top) that are absolutely essential to jungle.

Basics (Assuming you know these) include respawn times on buffs etc, common enemy jungle paths so you can grasp a basic idea of when the enemy jungler is about to gank a lane, trying to keep tabs on the enemy jungler basically. ganking a lane and turning up with a kill is good; counter-ganking a lane, stopping the enemy gank and turning up with a double kill is better. Remember to ward the enemy jungle, and on lanes that seem ungankable, ask your laner to play slightly more cautiously, but if need be, wait for the enemy laner to go all in on your laner when you go in.

Sometimes it's just not good to gank lanes; if a lane is 2 kills behind, leave the lane alone UNLESS they can get dived underneath turret by the enemy alone. If you come to the lane, you're the jungler, so you're behind in levels and gold, and it's likely that they'll just faceroll you if you try to help out. Early game, it's all about helping lanes which need help; but quickly transition that into helping lanes that will snowball hard and snowball fast, unless you have 3+ people coming out to help, by which time laning phase is probably already over, or you've helped to snowball one of the laners that have come to help anyway, indirectly helping the lane you couldn't gank in the first place.

AcrobaticApricot 01-06-2013 07:46 PM

Just a bad game, try and not worry about it.

Oh, here's a tip: the best start for mids nowadays is flask+pots (usually 4 hp 1 mana but can vary) plus a ward, that lets you protect yourself from early ganks and gives you a lot of sustain too.

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