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MrBreh 01-06-2013 08:25 PM

Shaco or Warwick better season 3 jungler?
Is Shaco or Warwick a better season 3 jungler? I have IP to buy only one, so i have come to you guys for advice. So, which one is better for season 3, and also, i've heard that either of them can be play as either AP or AD, again, which one is best and what is a good build for that? Some tips would also be helpful. Remember, this is for jungling.


MrBreh 01-06-2013 08:48 PM

Please, it would be great to know this ASAP


lmmortality 01-06-2013 08:51 PM

According to your match history on lolking, I see a lot of Shaco. Apparently, you already own Shaco. I wouldn't say either is necessarily better, but I would claim that shaco is significantly more difficult to play.

Aemon Darkstar 01-06-2013 10:00 PM

Shaco is much more difficult, but much MUCH more rewarding, and ironically a safer jungler. Warwick has good sustain, but he's still kind of slow in the new jungle, and can't gank for peanuts. Shaco on the other hand can start anywhere in the jungle, can counter jungle almost at will, and can gank-camp like almost no other. He's a true nightmare if played well.
Warwick is a good jungle pick ONLY when you KNOW your team has a universally stronger laning phase. This gives you the time you need to farm to 6 without needing to detour for (likely failed) gank attempts. Post 6 everybody knows the lethality of Warwick ganks. And a lategame fed/farmed Warwick is incredibly difficult to kill.
Put simply, Shaco is a ganker, counter jungler and map pressurizing specialist. Warwick is like this jungle juggernaut who keeps building power till he reaches a point where you have to seriously think thrice before engaging him. That said, a good Shaco will just eat away all of Warwick's jungle.

Destroyer Shad 01-07-2013 01:39 AM

ww is better ganker at level 6 then shaco, shaco is better runner then ww.. so it's equal choice of what u really wanna play

katyyyyyyyyyyy 01-07-2013 10:49 AM

I own both on my other account used them both a number of times.

I think shaco is way better for a number of reasons. For one shaco has free wards, that can be used whilst counter jungling. if you at enemy blue you can drop a jack in the box on the other side of the wall and if they come you can see them ahead of time. Most junglers need a ward to have this vision whilst stealing enemy blue buff.

Shaco has a built in flash, with stealth tied onto it. ganking bot lane is really easy even if the enemy support has it warded. You just use his q to jump over that wall and come in and they didn't have time to fall back. This q also allows you to split push all day every day with no risks. Keep in mind you can use his jack in the box's to ward gank routes whilst you are split pushing.

Shaco's ult allows him to easily solo the dragon level 6. I am sure not even warwick can solo dragon that early. This ult is great at quickly taking down enemy turrets when you split push. Just ult when you get at the turret and do alot more damage to the turret.

However the one draw back of shaco is that he is not a great coordinated team fight champ, he can't tank much at all. Warwick can tank a bit. But in chaotic games that involve alot of split pushing shaco is good their. Shaco is a guy who does his own thing basically. He can contribute alot to team fights, but not if he just runs in and initiates or any thing like that, he'll get focused and blown up quick.

In all honestly though a tanky jungler that is CC oriented like, Sej or Amumu. I think is way better than both WW and Shaco. Like with Shaco i build glass cannon just to farm jungle, but with Sej I build tanky and farm alot easier and faster whilst being 20x tankier. The sej has more reliable gap close, and better CC. Same with amumu. All you need to do is buy a few wards and you can counter jungle just as safe as shaco. Amumu is slightly less safe cause he can't go through walls like sej, and his ult is not a projectile like sej's is.

deathkillez 01-08-2013 08:35 AM

Its all in your play style. Ww is more tank and he whit good build can easy take 2 or 3 alone if you learn him.Shaco has more dmg and better escape but if he gets cc he is done for sure.

CounterSnipe 01-08-2013 09:23 AM

Shaco is superior to WW as a jungler. He has superior ganks, superior counter jungling capabilities, and can split push better. WW is easier to team fight with, but I still prefer shaco due to his high dps.

Note that if you pick WW you will usually be counter jungled by faster junglers. Also, your ganks will be weak unless you have your ultimate up.

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