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tedsterkid 01-06-2013 02:56 PM

[Champion Concept] Arcus- The Rainbow
Arcus is the result of a mage trying to harness the power of a strange phenomena, rainbows.This mage, know as Ithyik, observed rainbows and how they were formed over time. Ithyik believed that these rainbows held immense elemental power, he went into a field and waited for one to appear. As the rainbow shown in the sky, Ithyik attempted to bind his life essence to the elemental power of the rainbow. Ithyik casted the spell, at first it seemed to go alright, then Ithyik's body exploded into pure elemental power. Rainbow light spilled everywhere and Ithyik fainted.

When Ithyik awakened he remembered nothing, simply that he must protect the elements of Runeterra. Naming himself Arcus, he set off in search of meaning. Arcus wondered the wilderness of Runeterra for years before coming across a small Demacian caravan. The caravan told him of the League and Arcus ventured to it. Arcus wanted entrance to the League as a champion for the elements. To represent them to let the people know that they do have a say in the affairs of Runeterra.

Arcus is a an AD, pusher.

Passive: Elemental Protection- Arcus gains a shield absorbing 10% of his total health if not if concealed for 10 seconds.

Q: Green- Arcus activates the Green energy of the rainbow, gaining 10 health regen and tenacity.

W: Yellow- Arcus activates the Yellow energy of the rainbow, gaining 5-15% movement speed(depending on level) and a chance to stun on auto-attacks.

E: Red- Arcus activates the Red energy of the rainbow, gaining 20% attack speed and adding X to attack damage(depending on level and items).

R: Rainbow- Arcus activates all the energies of the rainbow, causing 100(Increases by level) damage to all enemies in the surrounding area.

Upon the selection of each ability, Arcus changes color.


Upon selection
"I must protect the elements"
"I am the voice for the voiceless"
"Let us protect together, summoner"

"You shall not harm the elements!"
"I shall shed light!"
"Enemies of the elements shall fall"

"Theres no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow"
"Oppa rainbow style!"

"I'll show you my true colors" *Flashes between all colors*
I'm open to any changes anyone is willing to propose. If anyone thinks any of this is op or anything please feel free to post or message me.

xNevaRaveNx 01-06-2013 03:23 PM

I really love the idea for this champion, but I think you could come up with some better ability names. Also, I would rethink the green ability. Tenacity is an odd stat to add on an ability, and giving an ADC too much health regen would make their laning phase much too easy. Maybe giving him a small amount of life steal and armor? I get the feeling the green ability was to give him sustain, so that might work.

tedsterkid 01-06-2013 03:27 PM

Yeah the Green ability was intended to give him a bit of sustain, giving him some sort of way to recover health over time or recover it in combat. I do like the idea of life steal though.

tedsterkid 01-06-2013 07:07 PM

Bumping this.

tedsterkid 01-07-2013 11:54 AM

Bumping this yet again

tedsterkid 01-07-2013 05:43 PM

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Miezner 01-07-2013 05:58 PM

But the way his abilities are now he seems more like a support than an adc. Except none of his spells help his teammates.

What may have been said during his rainbow experience:
"Hmm . . . OH it's here! It's . .. Just .. . So beautiful! I give my life to yoooou!" *Holds out hands in a cup shape* . . . . "Aaaa uuuuhhh" *Falls backward with a hand on his head and sighing in relief yet discomfort.*
Thinking of this made me laugh.

tedsterkid 01-08-2013 04:27 PM


tedsterkid 01-09-2013 07:13 PM


tedsterkid 01-10-2013 06:27 PM

Bump for the love of god

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