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Dark Nephthys 01-06-2013 01:06 PM

Dark's Low level team
I saw a few threads earlier today about people making their own teams and having them all hang out and do blink pick PvP/Bots etc. I thought it was a good idea, but most of them looked like old threads that were bumped up for whatever reason. So I'll make a thread about one as well. (If we get a lot of people, We'll make a name and I'll remake the thread with the team name etc)

The Team is about a group of people that hangs out and plays PvP Blind Pick/Bots and when we're ready and level 30's possibly Ranked. This is a team for lower levels as well so I'd prefer it that way so we don't have a huge scaling between members.

Team Application:
Summoner Name:
Summoner Level:
How long have you been playing:
Favorite Roles:
Your Top 3 best Champs:
Your Worst Role (if any):
Extra Information:

1. This is a low level team, and because of that we'd like people of low to mid levels. I'd like if the members were Under level 20. So anywhere from level 0 to 19. However, I might make a 2nd section for members 20+ (like a 2nd team) as well for higher levels that want to help lower levels or want to join with other high levels.
2. No flaming or anything to each other. Remember that this is for lower levels so mistakes Will happen, and loses might happen because of it. Instead of flaming them which solves nothing, tell them what they did wrong nicely and let them know what they should of done instead. This is just a game, and flaming is never going to solve anything.
3. I'll add more later. This section is just for place holding.

MsLexi = ?? (??/??/??)
willcutt333 = Mid (annie/galio/morgana)
ALLzNINJA = Adc/Apc (Varus/Ashe/Cho'Gath)
SpeakerBeaker = Top (Galio/Garen/Ashe)
Ruhso = Support/Tank (Garen/Nunu)
Corakus = AP/Ranged (Ryze/Varus)
DrWolf7 = Duo Top/Mid (Anivia/Veigar/Brand)
FuzzleSnuffs = ?? (Morgana/Gangplank)
Vector2109 = Melee Carry/Assassin (Master Yi/Alistar/Cho'Gath)
JSFscotty = Top/Mid/Adc (Jayce/Graves/Caitlyn)
Pestilence021 = ??? (annie/tryndamere/lux)
TOM THE HATER = Adc/Jungle (Ezreal/Nocturne/Kha'zix)
Skythia = Adc/Support (Fizz/Ezreal/Nami)
Brokendeth = ??? (Volibear/Nunu/Twisted Fate)
MonsterNeeds = Mid (Ryze)
Lutzen = Any (Ashe/Rammus/Alisatir)
Nitrocrisis = Mid/Support (Mid: Brand/Xerath/Karthas) (Support: Taric/Sona/Nami)
jtk540 = Jungle/Mid (Nocturne/Katarina/Alistar)
HornyMoose27 = Adc/Brusier (Warwic/Gangplank/Yi)
iAgro = Adc/top/mid (??)
WastedZeus = Solo Top/Mid (Malphite/Morgana/Cho'Gath)

Darkrulerjoe = Support/Tank/Mid (Janna/Anivia/Alistar)
BurstDemon = Apc/Adc/support (Annie/FiddleSticks/Eve)
Hellrazor8421 = Support/Any (Sona/Ezreal/Swain/Yorick)
Da3daalus = Jungle/Top/Mid (Olaf/Pantheon/Kha'Zix)
Oriseus = Adc (Garen/Darius/Miss Fortune)
Vincius = Any (Akali/Kennen/Amumu)
Sardoran = Apc/AD/Bruiser Top (Teemo/Akali/Mundo)
PhoneMen = Mid/Support (Janna/Nunu/Ryze)
Bluescarla = Support (Leona/Cho'Gath/Singed)
DarkBakuya = Support/Tank (Zilean/Sona/Taric)
xCust0m = Adc/Top (Ezreal/Malphite/Diana)
Norwind = Support/Tank (Jax/Alistar/Malphite)
TheSickFlux = Mid/Top/Jungle (Lee Sin/Anivia/Orianna)
Tabrnak = Top/Support (Yorick/Shen/Janna)

Made a Chat Room = dlltc
Which stand's for Dark's Low Level Team Chat. If you don't know how to get there...
Go to your Chat Rooms Control Panel which is located between Friends List and Notifications
Go to "Create or Join Chat". It's the icon with a plus sign and a chat bubble
Then write in dlltc in it and press enter

Summoner Name: Darkrulerjoe
Summoner Level: 15
How long have you been playing: 2-3 weeks
Favorite Roles: Support/Tank
Your Top 3 best Champs: Janna/Alistar/Blitzcrank
Your Worst Role (if any): Never Jungled
Timezone: EST
Extra Information: I have never jungled before, but not sure if I'd call it my "worst" role but would like to try it some time. The only other information I'd like to add is I mainly do Janna Support, however I'm only beginning on wards so I may not know the exact locations for them. Would like to improve on that.

This is just for fun and hope to see some people responding. We can do anything from friendly Co-op Vs AI's, PvP Blind Pick or if we have 10 people wanting it, then a 5v5 of 10 of us. Just let me know if anyone's interested.

xxKamina 01-06-2013 01:42 PM

YO, ushioness add me id like to help out. ;)

Kyriyu 01-06-2013 02:20 PM

Summoner Name: MsLexi
Summoner Level: 5
How long have you been playing: I think 2 days?
Favorite Roles: Have not played long enough to know x]
Your Top 3 best Champs: Same as favourite roles.
Your Worst Role (if any): Same as favourite roles.
Timezone: Pacific
Extra Information: My application looks a little silly...but I'm friendly :]

willcutt333 01-06-2013 02:56 PM

summoner name: willcutt333
summoner level 1 (old account got deleted was level 12)
how long have I been playing: about 1 week
favorite role: mid
top 3 champs annie, galio, morgana

willcutt333 01-06-2013 02:57 PM

summoner name: willcutt333
summoner level 1 (old account got deleted was level 12)
how long have I been playing: about 1 week
favorite role: mid
top 3 champs annie, galio, morgana

add me ingame

Dark Nephthys 01-06-2013 03:04 PM

Ok going to jump on and add you 2.

@Ushioness: Can you add a little more information? Like what role/champs you like? It's some thing I think will help us out later on when we get more people added and they will understand which roles you are good at to help them. If your good with all roles, you can just put down (all) in the favorite roles etc.

BurstDemon 01-06-2013 03:08 PM

I'd like to help out with this.

Summoner Name: BurstDemon
Summoner Level: 23 Atm
How long have I been playing: 3 months i suppose, with a 4 or 5 month break?
Favorite Roles: Apc/Adc/support
Top 3 best Champs: Annie/FiddleSticks/Eve
Worst Role: Jungling
Timezone: Central
Additional Info: I'd like to help out a few players so that they can play better too.

BurstDemon 01-06-2013 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by willcutt333 (Hozzászólás 33215520)
summoner name: willcutt333
summoner level 1 (old account got deleted was level 12)
how long have I been playing: about 1 week
favorite role: mid
top 3 champs annie, galio, morgana

add me ingame

No connection with willcutt? he's lvl 30. Thought u were him for a moment

Dark Nephthys 01-06-2013 03:22 PM

Ok I added a section for level 20+ members that wants to join as well, they will be "Mentors". Mentors can play with anyone they choose with, and it would be nice if they could help out the lower levels out when needed and play matches with them.

I also added the Chat Room dlltc which stands for (Dark's Low Level Team Chat) I'll rename it when we find a name for it later, but for now it's pretty easy to rem if you know what it stands for etc. I'll always be on their when I'm on LoL so you can all join and chat with me and any other members that's on.

ALLzNINJA 01-06-2013 07:07 PM

Summoner Name: ALLzNINJA
Summoner Level:19
How long have you been playing: A few months
Favorite Roles:ADC primarily,APC being 2nd
Your Top 3 best Champs:Varus, Ashe, Cho'Gath
Your Worst Role (if any): Jungle, then probably support, although i havnt tried support that much
Timezone: Pacific (NA)
Extra Information: I love playing this game and have learned a few tricks of the trade, and am willing to help out any newer players that need help. I have recently been doing very good with Varus my past few games, always hitting my goal of 80 CS before 15 mins

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