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DominatorV4 01-06-2013 04:39 AM

@Riot, make a Create-a-Champion competition
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Can we get a red response in here please? Even if it isn't anything constructive, just so that it can have the Riot icon on the thread and more people look at it, since people don't really enjoy reading walls of text otherwise.

The main idea of this thread is having a create-a-champion contest that will result in one person getting to have their fan-made concept become a reality. This is just my idea of how it would work.

Edit: See second post about having your champion indexed.

So a few days a go I made a thread asking the community if Riot had ever used a fan-made champion concept and made it a reality. They all responded with the answer no, but did state that they sometimes made champions and skins that a large portion of the community wanted to have ie. Leona, the first female tank. But that they have never directly taken a full concept and turned it into a playable champion.

So my idea (I say my idea because I haven't seen anyone else post this), is that maybe Riot could make a competition where people are allowed to submit their own champion concepts for a chance at winning and having their champion being created. Now obviously a lot of people would be wanting to submit champions and it would be too much to handle reviewing each one carefully.

So here is a list of rules (if you guys don't agree with some of them then i can change them) that I have came up with that will minimize the amount of submissions:

  • Level 30+ accounts are only allowed to submit.
  • Only one submission per account.
  • No plagiarism, cannot steal other peoples ideas. (Note: I know a lot of people are going to have some similar ideas, see next rule).
  • If two concepts are extremely similar (ie. same concept art and ability set) the first one submitted will be reviewed, the others will be dismissed.

Additionally, each concept must have all of these things to meet the requirements of a valid submission:
  • Must have concept art of some sort (doesn't have to be super awesome).
  • Must have an interesting backstory that fits in with the rest of the lore (300 words min, 400 words max).
  • Must have a description of the champions Q, W, E, R and passive ability.
  • Can have its own stats or they can be left up to RIOT to create.
  • Must give a name and role[s]

If anyone can come up with some additional rules that will limit the amount of submissions, while still keeping it fair for all lvl 30's it would be greatly appreciated.

(I'll add/change more things to the list as I/other people come up with good ideas).

Now if Riot were to do this I think everyone can understand that this will take them forever to make a conclusion. So what should happen is that the submissions should be allowed entry for about a month or so, then after this time period the gates close and judging begins. Judging would take a few months at best, but once RIOT had chosen the best 10 (or more/less depending on what people want), they put the winning concepts out for everyone to vote on (only lvl 25+ summoners can vote) and the most popular champion gets to join the league, the runners up would probably get awarded with RP/Skins or something for their good effort. To summarize:
  • Riot judges the all the submissions and comes up with a top ten.
  • LoL community votes for their favorite concept out of the top ten.
  • Only lvl 25+accounts can vote (reduces cheating).
  • Winner gets their champion to become a reality.
  • Runners up get RP prizes etc.

People who are going to complain that famous youtubers/players will get more votes than everyone else and win, READ THIS FIRST!

No they won't. Since Riot would judge all of the entries and come up with the top ten, these people won't necessarily get their concept picked for the top ten. Out of the thousands of people who submit concepts, there is only a small percent chance that one of these youtubers/players will get a spot. I mean they may be good at playing the game but are they any good at coming up with balanced and fun ideas, that are better than everyone elses?

So, feel free to bump this thread and post feedback :)

Things I would like to say to the community!
  • For those of you who keep asking, no Riot doesn't make champions if you get enough referrals through their refer-a-friend program anymore. They changed the rewards some time last year.
  • People have been asking if teams can be entered into this competition where they all work together to create one champion. Before I say yes/no to this I want to know what your opinion on this is.

This is a repost with some edits, the last one I made didn't get much attention, probably due to a not very clear thread title, but it did seem like people liked the idea.

TL;DR Riot needs to make a create a champion competition.

@IronStylus @Morello @Riot Whimsy @Griftrix @Riot Penguin @cgsammu @Saiyaka @Opti @20thCenturyFaux @Riot Montag @Hippalus @Udyr @Jozrael @Riot Blasto @Princess Aura @Kry0 @The Bravo Ray @Drevarius @Xin it to Win It @Guinsoo @ricklessabandon @RiotSilver

Edit: 50 upvotes, keep em comin!
Edit: 100 upvotes :D lets go for 150 people!
Edit: 150 upvotes, placing red bait.
Edit: 200 upvotes :)
Edit: 250 upvotes, here is a picture of a puppy for all those that helped bump and upvote this thread.
Edit: 300 upvotes! Here is a nice video for you guys, stay cool :D
Edit: Riot has made community voting available for the latest comic strip competition. I believe its the first time the system has been used but it is a good start on bringing the community closer together. Now if only we could get this done with champ designs...

DominatorV4 01-06-2013 04:47 AM

So I have decided to make an index for those who want to have their ideas shown. If you want to have your champion indexed here follow these guidelines:
  • First you must have posted your idea in the player concepts section of the forums.
  • Then grab the link and post it in this thread.
  • When posting the link, make sure to include the name of the champion and a title (eg. Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox) and also their roles so that they can be indexed easier.

I'm not going to set roles, I'll just leave that up to you.

Thats it, now get posting!


Arilian, Queen of the Elements Redux v2.0 (Hybird/Support/AP Caster/Jungle)
Argyle, The Sword Thief (Melee, Fighter, Assassin)
Aryn, Huntress of the Isles (ADC)
Angus the puncher

Barrymore, The Hallowed Thespian (AP Support/AP Jungle)

Crepe, the Cheerful Bomber (AP Jungle)
Celia, the Master Thief (Assassin)
Cynthia The Princess of Nightmares (Mage / Ranged)
Caho Ta, the Blood Remnant

Dracul, The King of the Dead
Dizzy The Hextech Gear Angel (AP) Image



Grayson, the Light of Demacia
Goliath the Frenzy Cyclops (Melee/Fighter/Jungle)

Haven, Bearer the Cursed Stone (Tank/Support)



Kagari, the Shrine Maiden (Support/APC hybrid)
Kyra, the Priestess of the Solari (Support)
Kento, the Moon's Blade (Tanky DPS/Jungle/Top)

Locke, the Master of Chains(Bruiser/Tank)

Masaki, The Undead Bushido
Mortema, The Heart's Desire (Full Tank /Tanky AP/Support)



Palum, The Swamp Devil (Bruiser/Mage)


Rennal Spiritmight, the Bookworm (Support/AP Caster)
Rix, The Demented Entomologist (Jungler/Support/Mage)
Rosita,The Thundering Whip (ADC/Mage)
Ruby, the Bounty Hunter (Assassin)

Spheuro, the Beginning of the End
Sonora, the Earth Elemental (Tank/Support)

Tantra, The Disillusioned Reaper (Support/Assassin)
Tara, The torture Mistress of Noxus (AD/Assassin/Bruiser)
Tim The Penguin (Support)

Urf The Manatee (ADC)

Voris, Sapper Extraordinaire (AP/Jungler/Support)

Wulfrem, The Tungstun Tower (Ranged/Tank)
Weiss, the Spellblade Singer (AD Caster/Assassin)
Warpath the Blood Berserker




Malice is here 01-06-2013 04:52 AM

This would be pretty interesting honestly.

Bad Luck Bobby 01-06-2013 04:54 AM

This would be awesome. Anyone from an artist with a cool picture for inspiration to a math jockey with some excellent balanced champ idea could bring something great to the game.

Breathlessness 01-06-2013 04:55 AM

Yes to this. :D

XIII Xemnas 01-06-2013 04:56 AM

bump for Xemnas, The Man That Never Was

DominatorV4 01-06-2013 05:23 AM

Riot knows that they have some very creative and talented people in their fanbase, this competition would give them an excellent opportunity to shine.

DominatorV4 01-06-2013 06:48 AM

Bump for great justice!

Areotix 01-06-2013 06:50 AM

i was just thinking of one

JaminBen 01-06-2013 06:50 AM

I support this idea.

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