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iamLux 10-18-2010 01:41 PM

No Lux Champion Spotlight?
I am thouroughly disappoint...

I call sexism.

SheepKing 10-18-2010 01:42 PM

lux is a LIE.

Phoxly 10-18-2010 01:42 PM

Yeah I'm super pissed >.>

mastermine94 10-18-2010 01:42 PM

wait for the release, swain spotlight came out i think it was on his release or the night before

nvmvoidrays 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

it usually comes out around 7-8:00 P.M PST the day before.

they still have around five hours.

ShadowDark 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

The spotlights always come out a lot closer to when the servers go down. Usually around 7pm PST.

Katana 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

Maybe shureliaieruual is doing the spotlight

hightech 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

Imagine the rage if Phreak released another spotlight without an entirely updated champion.

Drizz 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

lol i dont think you want a spotlight this early. last time the swain one came out after they already changed skills in game so it wasnt even accurate on some points. plus they did a bunch of lux changing right before release so who knows he probably had to record a new one

ImBahBz 10-18-2010 01:43 PM

You honestly WANT a lux spotlight?

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