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Mr Popadopalus 01-05-2013 07:26 AM

Help a noob with Ryze please.
Yeah I can bet someone is gonna troll the hell outta this post but.........

I'll try to keep this brief, I'm terrible on Ryze. I can't remember the last time I actually won my lane playing him, if I ever have. I've looked at guides and everything and I still just do terribly. Even when it's against someone I counter I'll either lose or be tied in my lane. Looking for any tips anyone may have for him. Here's some general info about how I usually play him:

9/0/21 Masteries (I only have 4 in Offense atm because I'm only 25)

Max R>Q>W>E

Tear of the goddess and Catalyst asap, then build into RoA/Frozen Heart depending on lane matchup. Usually end up shooting for a build like; RoA/Seraph's Embrace/Frozen Heart/Sorc Shoes/Muramana/Abyssal Scepter

Start Flask/Pots/Ward or Boots/3pots depending on matchup

I also have some specific questions too:

Should I be playing aggressively or passively with Ryze? I know he dosen't get really good until late into the game but I also know that his W>Q>E combo is pretty scary at any stages.

Should I be roaming on Ryze and if so how often and when are the best times to roam?

Which boots should I get? I figured Sorc Shoes are the best option but I figured I'd ask anyways.

Any help is appreciated.

2012Skeptic 01-05-2013 09:17 AM

It sounds to me you're allowing yourself to be poked too much in your lane, thus losing it. Make sure that if you are going to poke an enemy champion
A) You can throw your Q and not take anything back or little back
B) You can unload your full combo and run.

As Ryze, I tend to play more passively and farm because he is a monster late game, and the earlier you get your mana up the better you will be.

Best in GR 01-05-2013 10:34 AM

Im at work so I dont have all of my information in front of me...

Im pretty certain I run 21/0/9 on Ryze and I use movespeed quints. Ive actually been playing Ryze quite a bit lately and have had lots of success.

Your build seems pretty standard - The one thing I do with Ryze is I like to build the main core items before finishing them. I do finish the roa asap bc thats necessary, but i find myself building the tear, and then glacial shroud, and then a negatron cloak, and then begin finishing the items... thats always worked for me.

I tend to play ryze aggressively with my MS quints. I poke Q and try and auto attack. When opportunity presents itself, blast them with full 3-4 spell combo. Always lead with Q and try and end with another Q.

Farming is pretty easy once you get your ult and use it frequently to heal or to cs off wraith camp. The ults cooldown is so short its essential to use frequently.

derp youre dead 01-05-2013 12:09 PM

Thanks to spell sword, I find 21-0-9 is better on Ryze now, but 9-0-21 is still pretty good considering you're getting pickpocket, lifesteal, ward and CDR.

Ryze can do well without a single fully completed items.
With just catalyst, tear, Sorc shoes and glacial shroud he excels are what he does already.
Infact, the items above is actually considered his cores. Get Tear as soon as you can, pick up a ward or two cause you're going to be quite aggressive.
Catalyst can go to both ROA or banshee if enemy has crucial CC's.
Situational items: Lichbane cause you're going to AA quite a bit and extra MS.
Liandry for tanky enemy team, Rylais for mobile enemy team, Spirit vasage for ult and CDR, both seraph and Mara. WOTA/Abysmal scepter if you have other AP teammates.

For your questions:
Ryze excels at low level trades. His q burst is one of the highest ingame and at level 2, he can out trade anyone face to face, even kha zix. Play aggressive to zone enemies out, and with experience, you would know how much punishment he can take.

Full damage combo Q>E>Q>AA>AA>Q>W>Q
Full damage combo with Ult Q>R>Q>E>Q>Q>W>Q
Stun prioritised combo (if enemy is really mobile) Q>W>Q>AA>AA>Q>E>Q
Short trade (if retreating) >Q>E>W>Q
Whatever combo you do, remember that W snares and E MR shreds, and all spells casted including ult takes 1 sec off CD for all other spells.

Choose to roam whenever you like (post level 3). He's a great roamer but generally I'm more of the type who stays in lane cause I have trouble playing Ryze late game, so I rather win my early game to deny my opponent.
I do recommend roaming though, he's one of the best roamers in this game since his early game advantages.
Unlike all the other AP, he's one of those type of champions who when teamfight starts, he has no escape and must go all in to do most damage, even if he can't reach anyone aside from the tank. Kite as much as you can, even though you're classified as bruiser, you're still not that beefy compared to the bruisers available nowadays.

Thorston13 01-05-2013 12:16 PM

First of all im not that great of a Ryze player but the level order it's R>Q>E>W, the snare has fairly low CD and with the spell spam should go down, the combo should be R+Q+W+E+Q, you get an extra q like this.

You play both styles at the same time, it's farm farm farm, but once he gets a bit out of position and between his minions (For your E bounces) get really aggressive, do one combo and get out.

Spam your ultimate for anything, literally anything, it lets you farm much more quickly and it has a really low CD even at lvl1.

Start flask+faere charm+pots/ward and farm until you have 1k or more and go back buy boots and Tear and some pots and wards.
Build should start Tear then RoA, after it's really about how are you doing and who are you against.
Good Luck .

ExecutionerK 01-05-2013 12:22 PM

1. Ryze's strength is at later stage of the game, normally build consist of: Tear (In to Archangel later on), RoA, Frozen heart if the enemy have a strong AD carry/ more than one AD champion and the rest is situational. For example, if the enemy is heavy on AP, you want Abyssal Scepter. If the enemy built a lot of MR, you go with Voidstaff. If the enemy lack burst but have strong sustain damage, you can go Will of the Anicent for spellvamp.

2. Combo wise there is two commonly accepted combo.
Q > W > E > Q > R > (wait a second) > Q
Q > W > (wait a second) > Q > E >(wait a second) > Q > R > Q > W > Q

The first combo is mainly for quick burst to quickly put the Q's cooldown down via using other spells, while the second combo is used in a long fight where you want sustain output of damage. Always press on R whenever you want the AoE damage or Spell vamp, sneak in autoattack during the spell's cooldown is also a good idea for increasing combo's damage.

**** With the new changes to the way of both physical and magic penetration works, it is advised to go health when the enemy are going balls deep into the penetrations.

NinetyNineTails 01-05-2013 01:02 PM

I've been playing Top Ryze heavily for the last two weeks or so and having some trouble with it. I have this, possibly erroneous, idea that he can play aggressively against many common top lane opponents due to his range and Rune Prison. However, I'm finding that even then, I get out-traded by many popular tops. Riven in particular, since Rune Prison doesn't appear to prevent Broken Wings.

I'm not sure if I'm playing wrong or that Ryze isn't as good early as I think he is and I should be playing for the long game.

Eyemite 01-05-2013 02:59 PM

Practice makes perfect. The only thing I would add, that hasn't been said, is that first off since your not 30 you have not been playing very long I can assume, over time you will learn what each character can do and respond accordingly. Secondly, following a "guide" is a great starting point, and it is ok to rush items, however if you are getting rolled its ok especially with Ryze to start building defensively earlier rather than putting defense solely on the back end of your build.

NinetyNineTails 01-05-2013 03:30 PM

Oh, right, that's the other thing I wanted to say.

The last time Ryze got tweaked, most people were talking about the way his mana ratios and AP ratios got shifted around. But the parts I always thought was the big nerf was the 50 units they shaved off the range of Rune Prison. In the time I've been playing him, I've really noticed that loss. Ryze would be better to the point of being OP with 50 more range on Rune Prison.

DefenestratedCow 01-05-2013 04:07 PM

I don't play Ryze much, but since season 3, I've been starting mana crystal and 2 pots. That way, you can get your tear really early. The other thing is, currently there's a bug on tear where the cooldown doesn't actually happen most of the time. I like to build my first tear into a Manamune, since muramana is so strong on Ryze, but the Tear stacks quicker than manamune because that bug doesn't happen with the manamune.

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