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KidNickaroo 01-05-2013 02:43 AM

Best adc?
Who is your favorite ad carry mine is Twitch and Vayne

Fs Son0fSilas 01-05-2013 06:24 AM


fletche00 01-05-2013 06:54 AM

Vayne & Trist imo. Although, Ez is the most fun to play

Pinker 10 01-05-2013 06:59 AM

Ez is the EASIEST to play, but by no means the best or the most fun. Vayne is a much better adc if the game lasts more than 20 minutes and she doesn't feed, Trist needs to GET fed early to do anything, And the most fun is definitely kogmaw

Edit: note to self, start playing kog again in normals. Ez is nearly impossible to lose with to be sure, but that's only fun to a point

FTWinnebago 01-05-2013 07:02 AM

Kog'Maw!!! :D

fletche00 01-05-2013 07:03 AM

I disagree, you dont need to feed trist for her to be viable end game, by you DO need to feed Vayne for her to be viable.

Ez is easy, but he is the most fun due to how easily he can hop around the map, and be all over somebody in a 1v1.

2nd most fun is Draven, if you can get those axes down, it is hilarious to watch people yell "OP, Nerf Draven"

Not a fan of Kog personally, but I have seen many people dominate w/ him, I have nothing but mad respect for him.

Feitan 01-05-2013 07:10 AM

Draven's by far the funnest, just because if you catch the axe it's curtains for the other player xD

ParasiteQt 01-05-2013 07:46 AM

Vayne is number 1 i love her so, but damn she is squishy

Bendrake 01-05-2013 11:11 AM

For me, it's Cait... When I'm adc or support, she is the only one that I'm always the most careful when I lane against...

wonhunk 01-05-2013 02:14 PM

I would have to say twitch because in team fights, with his crazy attack speed, insane crits PLus ult, its like shooting puppies with an ak-47

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