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Grantson 01-04-2013 07:24 PM

Name an unpopular item and share how it can work well with a specific champion
Dominion thread is getting stale again, so I thought we'd have fun and make a least popular item tread and what champions can work with it. (Can't be Boots or basic items).

The rules are:

1. List 1 to 5 which items you've seen the least in games.
2. Next to each item, write down 1 champion you think suit the item the best.
3. In parentheses explain why the item works well with the champion you pick.

So for example

1. Banner of Command - Elise (Makes spiders do more damage, big minion helps her push waves if she's playing bottom lane)

2. Shard of True Ice - Taric (One of the tankier supports who can choose to pick the tank or himself for the AoE slow. He need to be close range to land his burst combo anyways)

3. Iron Locket of Solari - Alistar (One of the few items that gives a lot of health for cheap price. Raw health scales better with his Ult for more total hit points. Shield+Heal combo makes a strong AoE protection.)

4. Sword of the Divine - Vayne (Instant 3 hit burst causes her true damage to proc faster).

5. Mikael's Crucible - Galio (Magic resist goes with his passive, mana regen helps his mana problem. The active which is a heal+cleanse, combos well with his shield).

Kiddalee 01-04-2013 07:55 PM

I think we're going to see more Iron Solari Lockets as people get used to the new armor pen situation. Solari Locket has armor, health, AND cooldown reduction. It should help people who used to get Frozen Heart for CDR but now find they need health sooner. 425 health is a great improvement over 300 as it now stands up to other health items; with the active on that's up to 655 health. Regen isn't desired on Dominion but even if you count it as dead cost the item is still cost-effective; Spirit Visage has also been buffed.

(Edit: It's time to add my real name so I can use this post in my portfolio. I'm Vicki Nemeth.)

Lindre 01-05-2013 10:30 AM

Honestly, Nashor's Tooth is a very underused item that actually works nicely with Diana I've found. AP, CDR, Mana Regen, and Attack Speed to proc her passive cleave faster/more often. Of course, it's probably outclassed by BFT/Wooglet's now. But before them, it was actually a rather nice item on her.

Volandum 01-05-2013 10:42 AM

All effective health scales well with Alistar's ult, if you will heal heavily than resists scale slightly better than usual.

Sword of the Divine is not a very niche item, most IE users can get good use out of it.

1. Eleisa's Miracle - outclassed hard by Ring now. No one really wants it. Viktor could try I guess, but he has far better things to get.

2. Guardian Angel is less useless on hypercarries who can do stuff while reviving and heal while reviving, like Mordekaiser.

3. Berserker's Greaves is useful on some autoattackers who can maintain distance and don't need so much CDR such as Kog'Maw.

4. Runaan's Hurricane is useful in some lanes to maximise lifesteal off multiple targets, Graves or Sivir could pick it up against Yorick.

5. Zeke's Herald I get occasionally on Blitzcrank, it provides useful health, CDR and lifesteal and supports other AD users on my team.

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