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Nooxx 01-04-2013 09:17 AM

Rp style
So some questions, has there ever been a force strong enough to take on the league it self?

I think it would be rather amazing to lets say have an invading force, lead by one new character, invade the lands and take over summoners rift or something. It could be like a 2 week event where someone decides to set up camp. You could add-on to the already implemented Co-op and just make it so the boss "creates" phantoms of 5 random champions and when you knock out all the inhibs his shows up and puts up one last stand.

During those 2 weeks you could introduce a new template to summoners rift where everything stays the same but make something up like how the league continues while battling this new force but on a battlefield (exactly the same has summoners rift) only in another location. You could change how the map looks to explain more lore of bilgewater or something like that i dont know.

Then after the 2 weeks not only do you have a new character (the boss) a new map template that can either be choosen or voted on by the players or randomly picked (since its exactly the same only different look there wont be different strats for the 2 summoners rifts).

I dont know....the only thing i have with the lore is that what authority keeps all of these different champions in line. Someone can easily get pissed about the league, travel to some different world recreate the phantoms or learn how to create them themselves and come back to challenge the league itself.

Thanias1 01-04-2013 11:45 AM

Hahaha, sorry, but no. Watch League of Legends Lore in a minute, and you'll know that nothing can take on the Institute of War. Or else it would be gone. Cuz nobody likes it.

shadooklaw 01-04-2013 12:44 PM

Maybe the Void (Probably, actually), but if anyone directly attacked the Institute, Jax/Reginald Ashram would probably leap out and slam them with some REAL weapon. No one beats the champ.

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