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Auspexa 01-04-2013 06:44 AM

Tribunal is great and all but why not make it much better?

I created this thread and had lots of suggestions & ideas about Tribunal on it but it was more like a QQ thread, my ideas are more specific now and I hope some Rioter will read this.

Tribunal is a great system and possibly one of the greatest achievements of Riot but obviously it's not exactly working as intended. It has the potential but it can have much better accuracy and effectiveness, it has to. You might disagree if all you think is punishment though. It bans toxic players to some extent but it can't punish passive aggressive trolls who don't say anything in chat and although it's rare it punishes innocent people.

I wrote this on another thread and I'll copy paste it with little change.

Most people think Tribunal is perfect because they probably think, "if you get reported for no reason, you won't get banned". This is partially wrong. The amount of games you get reported have a HUGE impact on your Tribunal case and Riot's approach to your account. Riot always says "you got reported on 500 games, therefore you ruined 4500 ppl's gaming experience". I call bullcrap. Most of the time it's an argument between 2 players, so it's usually 1 report and even that report isn't accurate in some cases. Riot is pretty much exaggerating this, as if it wasn't enough that players are using "report" as a weapon, Riot is also using this.

Think of a scenario where you get reported for illegitimate reasons most of the time and you can't control your anger on some games and outburst happens. If any of those games appear on your Tribunal case, you will get banned although rare anger outbursts shouldn't ban people as Riot stated earlier. But it doesn't work like that because Tribunal only takes the amount of games you get reported and put a sample into Tribunal. Now it's all up to your luck, it's all up to the games that appear on the sample. This causes inaccuracy in Tribunal, here is an example.

So that guy got reported on 300 games? Better put only 1 game of him into Tribunal. 1 game is totally enough to judge a player and decide the future of his account, doesn't even matter he has been playing for 3 years or he has spent hundreds of dollars on his account, must get permabanned instantly because he called someone "idiot". This is Tribunal's current state in a nutshell. It's working, it could also be said that it's accurate but not good enough. But there's a fix.

What do?

Sample pool of games that appear in Tribunal cases have to be expanded. I got banned lately with only one game on my case, how do you expect people to judge me based on one game? It shouldn't be less than 5 games for anyone.

Pro of this: This will increase reliability of Tribunal and it will be easy to voters to decide on cases.

Con of this: I don't see any.

There should be a "punishment meter" that's selectable on cases. Voters might think "well this guy isn't that bad maybe give him a week or something" on some cases, but what if he was at the edge of getting a permaban? In my opinion punishment order shouldn't be fixed for all people, different offenses should have different weights. Current system is like this, you kill someone, you get sentenced for 1 day, then you steal a potato, life sentence. How is that supposed to be fair? If you've never got banned before, even excessive racism won't get you permabanned. But if you've got banned before, slightest thing might get you permabanned.

Pro of this: This feature will help excessively abusive people get permabanned really quickly and prevent people from getting permabanned from "little" offenses even if they got banned several times in the past.

Con of this: It will encourage some people to troll since they will think they can get away with temporary bans, to fix this temporary ban durations should be changed or manually given to players that got temporarily banned in the past. After all that's not a con.

Report explanation should be obligatory with minimum letter limit, currently most of reports in game happen due to rage and hate. LOL THIS GUY IS SO IDIOT BETTER REPORT HIM FOR ANYTHING SO HE GETS BANNED. Wrong. You have to describe why you are reporting him.

Pro of this: It will stop rage reports and will make it easier for voters to decide on cases. "This guy got reported for intentional feeding but his score isn't that bad..." Explanation would be great there.

Con of this: Some lazy people won't report abusers but that's those lazy people's problem if they don't mind playing with trolls.

Something has to be done about Tribunal. I appreciate Riot's effort but seriously, we are not going anywhere with punishments, you need to take a step.

Hope I get supported again, if I get enough upvotes I'll show this to Lyte.

TL;DR: Read bold parts.

Auspexa 01-04-2013 07:03 AM


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Auspexa 01-04-2013 07:41 AM

GD only cares about Darius threads? :D

EpicFrogNinja 01-04-2013 07:52 AM

I agree with the punish meter idea.

DopeJM 01-04-2013 08:00 AM


Auspexa 01-04-2013 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by DopeJM (Hozzászólás 33143601)

thanks, if you support please upvote it though

Auspexa 01-04-2013 08:52 AM


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