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Síon 01-03-2013 09:54 PM

AP sion - Early game beast, late game beast.
Hey guys. Its me. Sion. The angry Sioneer. Ap sion is a forgotten champ? hes unviable in ranked? Yes he is forgotten, but no, he is extremely viable in ranked. Sion is a powerful early game beast, But common knowledge is he drops off hard. Thats what we have to fix. In this guide I will teach you everything about sion. How to hyper carry every single game in ranked. Pull yourself out of elo hell, and into platinum one day. My credentials? I have well over 1500 ranked Sion games and I am currently in D3.

Look me up brey: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/24869376

Ignite Flash

9 armor yellows
9 magic resistance blues
9 magic pen reds
3 flat ap quints

(AP makes your shield take a little more damage early game. So do the armor and magic resistance)


Use common sense.


Engrave this into your brain. Mejais is Sion's haven. First off, you roam with sion. He is an incredible strong roamer with 2 skills that hit very hard early. To prevent late game decay, we need to ride on his early game to stack his mejais and continue snowballing. hard. its not uncommon for me to have 600-700 ap by 25 minutes in ranked. Theres nothing funnier going 19-0-7 before 2 of your enemies spam gg sion followed by rage quits. That being said, you also have to be a moderately good sion player to pull off mejais. If you want to ever play him in ranked, mejai's will make him as viable if not more than any champ. Dont play him in ranked if your not confident in yourself. /End story.

Edit: Mejais is still a crazy snowballer but due to recent changes to doran's rings, i find it much more viable to stack them instead. My friend that sion mains in D1 uses the Doran build and says its much more consistent. At the same time, you can still build mejai's if you are 100% certain you are going to stomp the enemy team. It just locks you in for the W.

Skill build

Every odd level. Get W. Every even level. Get Q. 11-15 is E. Get R last. its useless for sion's gameplay. Yes you can use your ult in a team fight, but if your against a good team, running into the middle slamming their adc, doin 100 damage while your shot out in 2 seconds is not a good idea. And that is also why I do not like lichbane. Too risky.

Item build

Start with Dorans ring and 2 hp pots
Then your gradually progress into 2-3 more rings and roaming boots. The rings give you an enormous boost to your sustain and power. They also help Sion transition into mid/late game maintaining his presence in team fights. Each ring has 700-800 gold worth of stats which is amazing.
-The first big item you get is a rabadons.
-The second item you get will be either a zonya's or an abyssal scepter. Abyssal on sion as a second item shreds all squishies while zonyas supplies you with a bit of tankiness and a stall time after you release your burst and you get caught. I prefer going zonya's as I've noticed that enemies trying to kill you while invincible are feared for 2.5 seconds.
-Item 3 is a void. By now they are getting tanky and you just have to get it to maintain your presence in team fights.
-Item 4-5 are all situational. You can either get a DFG for more power, a Fist to stack onto the tankiness from the zonyas, Athenes for more mr and cdr. CDR is a big thing, 20% cdr basically means 20% more useful in a team fight. So that should never be overlooked. Use your brain, build accordingly.

There's alot of risk building a lichbane.

On one hand it increases Sion's raw DPS by a good amount. At the same time though, It requires you to to get into AA range of the nearest enemy in team fights. Depends on the situation that might be impossible if they are trying to target you. Then that would be a waste of 3k gold. It also doesn't give you the protection of a different AP item like zonyas or Athenes. It's all situational. Go get it if your winning and you think your tanks can do their job.

Laning phase:

Since we're starting with Dorans ring, Sion's laning phase mana problem is dulled down. When laning, farm using your w and when they go in to poke you, have it turned on. You can even use your W to farm low hp minions while poking the enemy laner. Your stun though, costs 100 mana on a non-existant mana pool. So use that sparingly. I personally dont use it at all unless im going in for the kill at lv 2. As you get your second and third ring, you can start harassing them more freely. Everytime you go back, buy an hp pot or 2, thats all you'll need for sustain if your using your shield right.

Sion's lv 2 burst. Its simple. If they have 300 or so hp = Charge shield - Stun - Shield bomb - auto attack - ignite. done deal.

Roaming Phase

This is Sion's playground. And when I say playground. I mean, their Bot lane and top lane are GG. Roaming phase starts as soon as you obtain your roaming boots and continues until laning phase ends. The way this is done is very important. First you look at their top and bot champions and you make decisions based on enemy health. if you see a killable enemy champ, you charge up your shield, blow up the creeps in mid lane and sprint yo booty to that enemy champ. Make sure the mid lane doesnt see you leave. fall back and take the long way.

Ganking positions
Pushed to our turret - Huddling at theirs. Either way, they are dead.

Ganking route

If enemy team is blue, blow up mid creeps then go the long way to bot. Run through wraiths, behind dragon, down to their tri. By the time you hit tri charge up your shield and get ready to kill someone. Same deal for top, if they are purple. You can still gank through river but its often warded. If they are overextend it wont ever matter if river is warded, you'll reach them faster than they can run to their turret. Roaming boots op.

Now behind the turret ganks are the bread and butter of sion. Basically you go to the bush behind the enemy turret, while they are mid to low hp. You make sure your team laner is ready to kill a noob. If you are doing this solo, make sure you are able to blow them up and get out. You charge up your shield, tank the turret, run to their champ, stun them, blow your shield on them, get out. The minimum level you can do this is lv 5 because your shield will be able to tank 1 turret shot, and will still be able to go off. later on, if laning phase is still going on, your shield will be able to tank up to 3 turret shots, giving you more time to get it right.

Team fights

If you do get mejais, every assist counts.

(In a mejai's start build)
on a decent game with it you should have 400 ap by 25 minutes. That is 1320 damage from your burst.
A Great game, you would have 600+. Which is 1680 damage.
A bad game. 150+. which is 870 damage. Please dont be here </3

(In a dorans start build)
Decent game 340 ap by 25 minutes.
A Great game 400-500.
A bad game. 250-300

Anywho, You stay in the back. You pretend your veiger. I know. Its crazy. Before a team fight goes off you charge up your shield, so its ready to go off right away when it happens. when it does, you look for the best target you can reach. If their adc is in front, by all means blow him up. But if the adc is in the back protected by the jungler, by all means blow up the jungler. In instances where the adc or ap carry is extremely fed, then you wait for the initiation to start and find a way to reach them. it is your prime goal to blow up their carry IF they are that much of a problem.

You want to try to get more than 1 person hit by your shield safely. If you cant. You cant. After your Q - W go off. Fall back a little and wait for the next burst session.

A HUGE misconception with ap sion. "Hey mayne, ap sion useless late gaym. You blow up his shield, GG. No dayumage".


You stay in the back and have it prepared. Your doing it wrong if they have the opportunity to blow it. Even then, Its one big freakin shield.

Zonyas: Oh lawdie. If they storm you. Use it.

Galio Sion: Ok. Pretend your galio. Flash into the center of their whole team, blow up your shield and then zonyas. While they are frustrated trying to focus you, get your team to flood them. This tactic is extremely effective only if you are fed, and you are sure that your team will follow up in time.


Thats it folks. Happy Sioneering. Edit

Deratox 01-03-2013 10:01 PM

Yo i like it

Meditatus 01-03-2013 10:21 PM

Have seen him in action, he does it well.

ExecutionerK 01-03-2013 10:32 PM

Mejai rush with boot 2hp pot start..

Man, good ranged ap mid will dominate you before you can roam.

Renicade 01-03-2013 10:58 PM

he just carried me i approve this guide

Síon 01-03-2013 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by ExecutionerKen (Hozzszls 33136207)
Mejai rush with boot 2hp pot start..

Man, good ranged ap mid will dominate you before you can roam.

Thats why you play very defensive early game. Early game no ap can really blow up your shield consistently without wasting too much mana themself. AA's dont work well on sion either because his passive blocks a good amount of flat ad and ap mids dont AA hard either.

deegodoubledees 01-04-2013 12:19 AM

Ya hes an amazing sion mid, he is legit.

Carry me to Plat 01-04-2013 01:14 AM

GG (good guide)

CyrusofIreland 01-04-2013 01:30 PM

Holy my oh my, Decided to try this out in Normals. 9/0/6. Had 20 stacks of Mejais by 19:30minutes, had my DFG By 17 minutes, and I had a Needless aswell. 414 AP by 20 minutes. They surrendered.

TEFU 01-06-2013 07:20 PM

everytime I tried AP Sion... I feed lol

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