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WukongBR 01-03-2013 08:08 PM

"I dont support"
Locks in for duo mid after not saying anything the entire queue.


TheOmegaBunny 01-03-2013 08:09 PM

Hey leave them alone. Its not his fault that support is the only roll people apparently cant do!

Wild Panic 01-03-2013 08:09 PM

I don't top/mid/jungle/adc....

I only support.


Lets pray other supports don't run into me.

RazorWarrior 01-03-2013 08:11 PM

Here's what I say every time if its a pvp match:

hi team

ill do any role

I don't know why people refuse to do support its a lot more fun in s3 than s2

montyElGato 01-03-2013 08:12 PM

The main problem is not speaking during the queue. That's one thing I really hate.

But expecting someone to play a "role" that only exists as part of a made-up concept about how to play (i.e., the so-called "meta") is ignorant. Especially if you're talking about a normal (unranked) game. Even in ranked, though, it's something of an issue.

Again, not talking in the draft is the problem. I hate it when people don't use the chat. The idea should not be to rush to call out made-up "positions" or "roles", but to discuss team comp. together and come up with something that you guys think can win.

Dante Brimscone 01-03-2013 08:14 PM

The problem with saying, "ill play anything" is that 9 times out of 10 you're playing support or jungle.

If you ever want to mid/top/adc you have to ask for it/call it/just take it if you're higher pick.

Saying "i dont support" is at least marginally better than saying "i only mid."

Personally, I think everyone should play what they want and you should either roll with it or find a team that will comply with a specific comp you desire. The only problem I have is someone who says "i dont support" then rages when no one else does. If you want a support in the game so bad play it yourself. Otherwise, shut up and let people play what they want just like you're demanding you get to play what you want.

R00TofAllEvil 01-03-2013 08:18 PM

"i dont allow people to play the role they want/are comfortable with and enjoy QQ-ing in an elitist and control freak type of romney/obama supporter way"

FabulousJeremy 01-03-2013 08:19 PM

Well, I don't mind playing any role but support is my weakest role. When I wind up getting tacked as the support in ranked and my team loses, well, they at least know I wasn't in a position I was strong at.

arachnoTed12 01-03-2013 08:21 PM

I think the main reason why people don't like to play supports is because usually the team yells at them.

Vapeurs 01-03-2013 08:23 PM

Support is the most rewarding role in the game, but most ppl dont give it a real chance. Play one game as a support and it doesnt go super well? Better nvr try support again and go duo mid instead. Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

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