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W0bbaFett 01-03-2013 07:22 PM

Literally Disappearing Games LARGE BUG
So a few days back I had a game as jungle Amumu. We were playing poorly, and the enemy Cait was being jerky by rubbing it in our faces (she was 12/0, owning our faces).

Eventually we pushed mid hard and took both the T1 and T2 turrets. I caught Cait out with an ult on the steps of her base for the epic shut down.

Immediately my game went into "Trying to reconnect" with the golden bar that flashes across. This went on for about 20 seconds with Amumu standing there crying, and I figured I should just DC/RC to fix the issue. However on DC, no "please reconnect to a game you have disconnected from" screen appeared. My client was fresh and clear. No signs of any game whatsoever. I could even join a new game.

I decided to relog my client to see if this was the problem, and proceeded to do this twice with no avail.

The game literally disappeared. I saw no update to my match history, so the game clearly did not finish. It vanished into cyberspace.

This has also now been spotted by other members, posted on GD just today about it. Please look into this.

Side note I've noticed Blitz' particles on his fists are acting funky from time to time.

Douglas5005 01-04-2013 07:36 AM

The same thing happened to me about a month ago ( even before the release of the new champion Vi )

We were playing in the Summoner's Rift.. losing :D ( so it wasnt that bad of a bug ^-^ )
Someone in our team got a kill and the game disconnected. Since i was over skype with another friend, he told me he also got disconnected. We both tried to log out and back in, but no Reconnect screen ever appeared. Both checked the match history but it wasn't there, as if the game never existed.

We facepalmed for a bit.. thanked god for existing (when you're losing a game, only god can come up with this kind of bug)

I don't really remember what champion i was using, but at given time i only used Nami/Fiora/Miss Fortune, and my friend xxzuzaxx only used Fizz.
Hope it helps getting rid of the problem.

also.. dude, you gettng that epic shutdown, and the game disconnecting, letting amumu crying on the screen..
add some dark stuff and you got a sweet creppypasta.. xD

Oh wow.. I just accepted the summoner's code ^-^ that's sweet Riot. GJ

W0bbaFett 01-04-2013 09:29 AM

Haha its a great creepypasta if I write it right. I'll get back to you on that :P.

But yeah this is an issue. Unfortunately I cannot repro due to the extreme rarity of the event, in addition with the innumerable variables that were involved. Nor can I give much more information, since it is all based on my memory, since I did not LoLReplay the game for evidence and the match history/LoLking is non-existent.

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