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Powotae 01-03-2013 06:31 PM

Got suspended for leaving games, but its connection!
So, I am really new to this game. My friend showed me it and I thought it was cool and I decided I would try playing. So after I select a champion and the countdown ends, I just get a black screen and it stays there. So then I just hit esc to leave it and it says there was a problem. I log back in and everything and says reconnect to game, most of the time I am able to reconnect back into the game. I am just mad though because at the end of the last match that I joined in the middle of, it says I am suspended. I will try new things, like I turned off all my shield on my avast antivirus one time and I was able to get into a match easily. This last time it didn't work. So I try to figure out the problem and test it and see if I can join, but now I am suspended. I am disappointed that I can't enjoy this game, and it's not like I'm leaving just to be a troll. It's connection or something, and its really bugging me that I got suspended.

sorry for the block of text :(

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