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NinetyNineTails 01-03-2013 08:30 AM

Iceborn Gauntlet on Ezreal?
I don't grok the Iceborn on Ezreal thing. Can somebody help me understand what's going on there? I mean, the Sheen part is nice; Sheen has always been good on Ez, and it's not a bad item in a lot of ways. But it's sooooo much gold going into an essentially defensive item. How can it possibly be as good for the team's ADC as IE or Trinity?

Ennbeard 01-03-2013 08:35 AM

Trinity doesn't actually give that much over it. It has HP, the phage proc, and some crit and AS, which is all nice. but the AoE sheen proc, CDR, extra AP and armour from Iceborn make up for it in different ways. Instead of attacking faster, you're using more spells (which means more passive stacks). Instead of having more HP, you have more armour (which admitedly doesn't help vs AP caster burst).

The biggest advantage is it just provides so much utility. The AoE slow is huge, and constantly spammable at a massive range. Plus it does AoE damage which is always nice.

Cenerae 01-03-2013 08:36 AM

Trinity force is overrated on Ez. Many players rush it and then they have no damage for a while. It's a nice item to follow onto a big damage item, but then you compare it to the gauntlet's ability to kite forever with the slow and it doesn't even compare.

NinetyNineTails 01-03-2013 09:21 AM

I'm not a huge fan of Trinity rush on Ez, actually. I favor Brutalizer into IE/PD/LW, with a side trip to Cleaver if enemy armor levels warrant the investment. I agree that the Trinity rush seriously hurts Ez's damage output, and does so at a stage of the game where Ez really needs to capitalize on the lead he should be building based on his lane bullying. But isn't the answer to that the damage stack that I'm already doing?

(also, because I am bad at LoL, I am experimenting with Tear of the Goddess before Brutalizer, which delays my damage spike even more. But I'm not sure how to avoid it unless and until I become not-bad at LoL)

Mentosrock 01-03-2013 09:30 AM

the aoe slow on all of his abilities + a sheen proc is scary.. Had it happen to me yesterday :'(

Azellos 01-03-2013 09:44 AM

Honestly i dont like people who say that gauntlet beats TF every time. That's simply not true. Trinity gives you much more damage (total AD vs base ad= +240 or so damage every few seconds. Trinity also gives you the crit chance and as, amongst other things.

Fist does give you armor, cdr, and the all-important AoE slow. If your against a team that's going to dive you hard, then this becomes a good investment. But even then, lets say it's an akali or katarina diving you. Kiting doesnt work that great on repeat gap closers+burst. Your better off with a different item.

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