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EzrealPro1 01-03-2013 02:56 AM

Problems with chained stuns.
I played recently as kata vs this team:

Leona: 3 stuns
Veigar: 1 long stun
Vayne: 1 stun
Pantheon: 1 stun
Shaco: 1 Fear, 1 Slow

I couldnt do anything. I got lucky 1st blood against Veigar and end game my team couldnt do anything. Can you help me battle vs a combo of stuns? Or avoid them.

If it helps, my team then:

Katarina (me)

I have hard time avoiding chains of stuns and I usually ended dead. Help me avoid chain of stuns.

Afael 01-03-2013 05:13 AM

Your team composition lacked any proper initiation, so I guess you were getting initiated on? In which case chain stun is hardly avoidable. What you could have done was spread out so they can't CC you all at once, or try to avoid big teamfights, where your enemy would certainly have an advantage.
QQS may be an option, but it only removes CC once and doesn't provide a reduction like Cleanse.

Lord Puppy Fury 01-03-2013 07:06 AM

Honestly, unless your team was extremely well coordinated, able to back door, split push, and avoid team fighting at all costs, they win and you lose. Unless your early game advantage was monumental, even being ahead early wouldn't have been enough, particularly as Vayne heats up and you lack the ability to deal with her.

Judging by your level, I'm assuming this was blind pick so you couldn't have had advance knowledge of their team comp. For you personally, however, as your teammates picked and you saw the bulk of your hard CC was Soraka's silence, you should have picked anyone but Katarina. Katarina is very strong, but will have a hard time thriving without some hard CC behind her.

TeknoWizard 01-03-2013 09:13 AM

Cleanse, QSS, Split Pushing, warding their jungle and getting picks, avoiding enages and just poking, or crying in a corner. I personally have tried all of these, and found them all to work rather well. Playing it like a poke team would probably have been your best option. Avoiding team fights, and just firing Ezreal Q's, Mundo cleavers, Rumble harpoons, and your Q's into the other team, and playing extremely kitey.

Cenerae 01-03-2013 09:18 AM

If you have no hard CC on your team, then the best you can do is try to catch someone out rather than try to fight a 5v5 straight up.

And when playing Kat, you rarely want to be the first one in if you intend to get a full ult off. You should have tried to let them go for Mundo (though if they were smart they wouldn't dump all their CC on him) and then go in after their squishies.

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