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Farstride 01-03-2013 01:39 AM

Hi guys!

I wrote a pretty long fic (About 55,000 words - 14 chapters) I posted it up on fanfiction.net
It's about Riven and Singed, and it's my first really polished out story I wrote. I had an original attempt a while ago but It wasn't as good as I knew I could make it.

At the moment I think it's as good as I could possibly make it by myself without any beta readers. Anyhoo, I thought to share it with you guys too, I think some people might like it ^^

I certainly had a lot of fun writing it up. It's half humor, and half drama, so it's got a story that really kicks into gear latter on when I'm happy that the characters are introduced.

I'd post the chapters on here too like other fic writers have, but it's really long and I'd have to re-do the bold and italics and all that. T___T

Leave a comment if you read it or got tips for me =D

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