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Inexpressive 01-03-2013 12:00 AM

How can I be better support(Sona)?
So I hit lv30 few days ago. As I noticed few games, one adc player was being an ass to me because my ultimate wasn't any good for him (played as Sona). Even he say I suck at playing Sona. Cmon man, I gave him all the kills and even save his ass from being raped. Now for my question, how can I make my ultimate useful?

Kirielis 01-03-2013 01:43 AM

It's always useful, that guy was being a jerk, most likely.

Try to land it on as many opponents as you can and preferably near the start of a teamfight, that's all I've got on the matter.

Inexpressive 01-03-2013 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Kirielis (Hozzászólás 33106261)
It's always useful, that guy was being a jerk, most likely.

Try to land it on as many opponents as you can and preferably near the start of a teamfight, that's all I've got on the matter.

any tips on early game as I reach to lv6?

Cenerae 01-03-2013 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by FakeShooter (Hozzászólás 33106292)
any tips on early game as I reach to lv6?

Harrass your lane opponents as much as you can without putting yourself at risk. Don't max W first. Max Q, and try to keep the Q aura active as much as you can. Don't spam yourself OOM either (unless it's worth doing so), you can autoattack harrass as well. Any time the enemy carry goes to lasthit is a time when you can hit them for free - though you need to keep an eye on the enemy support.

With regards to Sona's ult, you simply want to try and use it at a time when it counts. It's not a very long stun, but it can change the outcome of a fight. So try to catch as many people in it as you can. If you're making an aggressive play, a flash+ult can catch people out.

Do keep in mind that some people just like to blame anyone but themselves. If you were doing your job as best you could and your carry was still whining at you? Just ignore him. A few days ago I had a Tristana that told me to play aggressively (as Leona) and then didn't follow up on my initiations in the lane until after all the CC had worn off. He had a temper tantrum about how 'bad' I was and told me to leave bot lane alone. So I did, he got crushed, and we won anyway because a roaming Leona makes for scary ganks. He had a hissy fit and ordered everyone to report me, and got shut down because everyone else realised that I did my job. :)

barbeerian 01-03-2013 08:34 AM

Early on with Sona your main goal (aside from the obvious try to keep your ADC alive) is to establish a strong lane presence, and control the brush. Sona may seem weak but she's an absolute bully pre-6 as long as you don't fall behind (her powerchord damage scales with levels, not AP).

One small tip first. At the start of the game (at fountain) make sure you get 2 powerchord charges ready, so that as soon as you get to lane you can do a Q + Powerchord combo. Don't ready the 3rd charge at fountain though, in case you need to help leash for your jungler (don't wanna waste a powerchord on a blue/red buff).

How to establish lane presence:

-Be aggressive, Sona can outdamage most ADC's before they get their first big item, take advantage of it. Pay attention to your powerchord charges, when it's at 2 you want to prepare to Q your enemy (giving you the 3rd charge to ready a powerchord), and Powerchord them. This'll chunk off a good 1/4+ of an ADC's health. Try to time it so that when the enemy ADC is moving forward to CS you're slamming them (or if their support is moving in to harass, slam them. let them know that it's YOUR LANE and they better back the F*** off or eat the damages). Hopefully denying them CS, and making them think twice about stepping up in the future. Be safe about it though, try to stay behind minions and avoid unnecessary damage. Also, don't go OOM with Q-spam, you need to keep mana on hand for healing.

-Note vs Blitzcrank. You MUST stay behind minions, and be ready to dodge his hooks when he's trying to position himself for one. If he hooks you and you have no flash you are dead (even with flash you might die). When he misses a hook punish him for it since he's useless for the next 20s. The second he misses one Q him in the face, and harass him with AA's while he runs away. I also like to stand behind minions and spam /laugh or /taunt to annoy him and try and bait bad hooks.

-When/If you start getting the enemy to back off it's much safer for your ADC to farm, and you can start trying to zone the enemy out of XP (you keep them under their tower, while the 'center' of the minion wave is near the middle of the lane). When they try to move forward harass the hell outta them with Q's (try not to take too much minion damage though, step out of the bushes Q + AA, then duck back in the bushes to lose minion aggro).

How to establish brush control:

-This is pretty straight forward. Wards are the biggest component here. Your starting buy on Sona should be Faerie Charm, 1 hp pot, 2 green wards, 1 pink ward (plus your 60s Explorer ward from Utility Tree). Save your pink ward to counter one of their wards. Ideally you have vision in both lane bushes, and the river. If their support or ADC goes into the brush harass them. Try to let them know that it's YOUR BRUSH, and that they will be harassed if they set foot in them.

-Mindgame them. This is kinda tricky to explain, but just try to keep them guessing. Go into their brush and push forward, harass them. Then back off. Try to get them firing random spells into the brush occassionally just to check to see if you're there. Try not to be predictable either (like harassing every time Q is off cooldown or something), try to switch up your tactics/position each time so they don't know exactly where you're at. Wander out into lane and harass, head back into the bush, etc.

NinetyNineTails 01-03-2013 09:17 AM

Honestly, I think you're already doing the most important thing to help yourself improve your play.

You're thinking about how to improve your play instead of letting your (legitimate) anger at your ADC for being a jerk blind you to the possibility of improvement. Keep that attitude and your play will improve all on its own.

Which is not to say that the advice in this thread isn't good feedback. But I want to emphasize this part. It is, I believe, far and away the most important part of improving one's LoL skills.

Lord Puppy Fury 01-03-2013 10:07 AM

Strike a balance between harassing, healing, and conserving mana. Sona won't run into too many problems until the ults start coming out unless you're just knuckle rolling on your keyboard.

Looking at your builds for you last two Sona games, I would recommend Philo over Kage's as your GP10. It will give you stats that are more useful to you early and will build out of one of your start items which should be Faerie Charm.

As for aggressive vs passive and build order, as always, it depends. If you're Sona/Vayne vs Caitlyn/Soraka, they're going to abuse you with range all day long and trying to get close enough to Power Chord them is not a good idea with Cait's traps around. At that point, switch to heal bot mode and level your W first. Additonally, against any support with a pre-6 stun, be careful about tickling them or their ADC while the stun is up.

Against, for example, a Nunu/Ashe lane, feel free to punish them early. Do, however, try to charge some of your power chords off W and then switch to Q when going for damage in order to avoid pushing the lane.

In regard to skill order, remember as a support, your job is to bring utility to the team, not damage. You don't need to level Q in order to take advantage of the Q Power Chord. Power Chords don't scale with levels. As such, it can sometimes be better to level the heal first. Moreover, never underestimate the chasing and escaping power Sona's E can give her team. Unless you're stomping your lane, a support will usually get more value out of being a support, not a watered down version of a damage dealer. However, if you have an ADC who can make good use of Sona's Q aura, then it's worth investing an extra point or two in Q early. Ultimately, it all comes down to judgement. Play the game you're in, not the one that's written down in the guide.

Qsario 01-03-2013 11:47 AM

As support, you will see your share of jerk-ass noobs who think you're bad even though you saved their rear ends a dozen times. Just ignore them and friend the awesome ADCs who are nice, farm well and know how to cooperate with you.

And never underestimate cooperation. I was Janna with a really good Caitlyn vs. Leona/Tristana. We worked together with traps and wards to cover the side bushes, I leveled tornado first to destroy Leona's combo, and Caitlyn used her superior range to avoid getting poked at until I could get my shield. She got great farm, I kept them from engaging and we won that game handily, even though they could have bursted us down by level two with one good combo, given that Tristana can always just jump over and start killing you when she sees a zenith blade land.

Inubashiri 01-03-2013 11:55 AM

Not much more i can add to this other than a few things, I didn't read all of it so sorry if I restate something already mentioned.

For me I start with Flask, 1 Green Ward, 1 Pink Ward, and 2 Blue Pots. I start with level 1 Q and use it 3 times for blue side (since we don't usually start at red leash) and 2 times on purple side (since we usually start at blue leash to help) on the alter to get the power chord to use if I find someone in the bushes at bot for a little burst. In my masteries I have Biscuiteer and Explorer so I start with a biscuit and a 60 sec ghost ward. For me its a bit of a risky tactic but if I'm kinda low health I'll try to bait the carry into a gank in the bush if I'm relatively sure they haven't warded it. I also save my pink ward for when we're around level 3 so it lasts longer and plant it in the river gank bush, this helps detect stealths like eve as well as other wards the enemy team may have planted there for a more successful gank for our side. The first item that I buy is when I hit 700 gold is a sightstone. After that I rush the philosopher stone for another 700 gold, then boots...always getting a new pink ward every time I go back for the initial laning phase for river bush. Place your 2 ghost wards in the two bushes for a complete picture of what is going on in bot.

I like this chart for support / adc synergy to choose the right support for the adc: http://www.lolking.net/charts?region...gy&range=daily

One thing I will mention is if you're adc is being a horse's rear, its probably best not to follow him/her in...usually for me they get the message. There is a time for risky stuff but if you're constantly charging into them in a near 2v1 or worse no support in the world can save them from stupidity. Risk management is the best strategy.

The best time I use my ult is either to init for the team fights (which is usually the moment everyone starts to fight and cluster up, don't put yourself in front but instead in the back) or if we're in need of an escape, unfortunately this isn't something that can be expressed in words but more of a gut feeling. I also try to catch divers with it too so they either die to the turret or have to return to base.

Sonicdahedgie 01-03-2013 12:06 PM

Someone once suggested not to ever initiate with Sona's ult. Use it as a secondary initiate. This is pretty good advice. If you try to initiate as sona, they'll focus you and you'll be dead. But if you wait until the team fight has started you can get in there without being harassed as much.

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