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StoicSwordsman 01-01-2013 09:39 PM

What's the point
I honestly cannot see the point in being a tanker I'm a defensive minded gamer in every game that I play and I have never found a game so offset in the balance of offense and defense than this one. The tank is basically a target in this game as it should be, but at least 3/5 players want to be the ''bread winner'' and abandon the benefits of having a tank around leaving tanks to be stranded and slain. It's really disturbing considering how team oriented this game is that there's truly no place for anyone besides junglers/nuker/carriers and it pretty much sours the game, turning every 5v5 into isolated match-ups across the map with the only assists being kill steals that just so happened to help someone else out. So I ask what's the point of tanking?

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