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Mitobrut 01-01-2013 01:01 AM

Solo Q match ups- is it just me?
WTF is with the match up system??? Is it just me?

Team mates and opponents are often in ranked teams with vast experience- I started the weekend of season 2 champs.

I am losing many games lately. It happens and I get that, that is ok. Until I look at each player's stats at the end, I see opponents with 250-400+ wins. This means approximately 500-850 or more games experience for those players. (most guys average around 50/50 approx)

I notice in teams I am often matched with 200-300+ win players. I have 93 wins 102 losses. I have less total games than these guys have won. Recently I totalled 1900+ combined wins to opponents team, less than 1200 to ours. 3000 odd total wins divided by 10 players = average 300 odd wins per player, of which 93 were mine...

How the &%^%$ is that an even match up?

Does anyone else notice this? Maybe it is just me.

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