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ASAP Prince 01-01-2013 12:13 AM

<3 Jungle Pro's Here <3 Gold+
I am a mid player who is transferring from Mid to Jungle. I played on 2k Elo teams and several Go4LoL's however Jungle is harder transition for me than any other role. I would really appreciate advice tips/tricks from Gold-Diamond players. I myself was 1671 but now currently 1543. Thank you

Junglers I Am Learning:
-Lee Sin

Any and all advice is really well needed. I am also looking for maybe a diamond or platinum player who can spectate me maybe if even once a week to help me see the areas i need improvement among me watching myself. Thank you very much <3

~LD Lunatik

Hidden Sanity 01-01-2013 12:49 AM

Hmmmm... well... mostly giving you a bump as you're looking for a very small percentage of the population and I'm not in much position to teach you, although given I'm a far bit better at the theory than I am at the practice(Minor coordination difficulty in my hand and simply more time spent studying the game than actually playing it...) I'll toss this out on the off-chance it helps.

Out the the 5 people on the team, the map awareness is most vital on the jungler.

Which way are the lanes pushing? When will someone most likely be out of position for just 'those last few CS'? Where is the enemy jungler? Where is he going to gank? Can I get there to counter-gank or should I slip into his jungle and take a few camps and ward a buff? Or set off a gank of my own?

The map awareness and noting the flows of all nearby lanes is good too check on while clearing camps. That and clear communication with your lanes.... I'll assume you know your picks and counter picks and how to identify a lane that can be snowballed, a lane that needs saving, and a lane that you just need to abandon to their miserable fate since you're generally a better player than me, but that's always something that can be worked on.

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