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ForrestLump 12-31-2012 01:26 AM

Soraka versus Warwick
I wrote this flash fiction as one of my assignments last semester, the teacher gave me a B+. See that! League of Legends helps in real life!

I think I posted it in an unused forum, anyways, follow the original thread:

Summoner's Rift

In the battlefield, we go as one. No time for love declarations, only the smell of camomile. I need to fulfil her existence’s expectations. Her honor lies in my hands. Warwick is here. He came to finish the job and destroy her. I won’t let him. I am her soul. I am her lover. I came prepared. He starts the attack with his most powerful spell. She is stunned by his voracious attack. Wolves feel no mercy, but why does he want to kill her? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. He already took her divinity and singularity but he won’t take her life. I won’t let him.

I guide her through the battle, but I would like her to guide me. I tell her to heal the others, but I would like to be healed by her. I am inside of her, but I can’t feel her heart. She speaks to others, but not to me. She can open secret areas, but can’t reach my heart. She could be wise like the owl, but I am the one who controls her. She dies several times without perishing, but I perish every time she dies. Through the agony and paradox of these sentences, I exist.

First, I will use my Zonya’s Hourglass; this ancient item will grant her 3 seconds of immortality. This is all I need. He wasted his other 2 spells. He is in our hands. I tell her to heal herself, but her injuries are still too severe even after it. It is time to show her true power. While calling the stars upon him and reducing his magic resistance, she uses all her magic to invoke her most magnificent power: The Wish that heals herself and all her fellows in battle. Now she has the advantage and he runs away. I won’t let him escape. He will die now. I tell her to follow him and don’t fear anything. He is one hit away, but he laughs upon me. I can’t heal her anymore, but he is healing himself with her blood. I will reveal her biggest secret, but I will finish him. I won’t let desperation takes place.

Her Infuse is not only for recovering mana. I tell her to call the forbidden names and destroy him with an overload discharge of mana. It worked. Warwick is dead. The game is over. Their Nexus was destroyed, but now I can’t smell the camomile anymore.

“I need to stop imagining a person who controls me. This is not a game, this is reality. There is no summoner. At the end, there is just me, the goddess of this realm: Soraka!”

“Mom!!!! Soraka is throwing ketchup at me again! She always does that and says crazy things! I don’t want to play with her anymore.”

“Warwick, come inside right now, I already told you to leave your sister alone. Lunch is ready, come eat.”

Trolosaurus 12-31-2012 01:27 AM

This belongs in the Fanfic forums, not here

ForrestLump 12-31-2012 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Trolosaurus (Hozzászólás 33008217)
This belongs in the Fanfic forums, not here

Oh! You are right! I misunderstood this thread and posted in here as well. I am sorry. Do you know how I can delete it?

Thank you.

Trolosaurus 12-31-2012 01:52 AM


Originally Posted by ForrestLump (Hozzászólás 33008348)
Oh! You are right! I misunderstood this thread and posted in here as well. I am sorry. Do you know how I can delete it?

Thank you.

You can't delete it.
Just ignore it and it will go away

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