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ChipsNFish 12-31-2012 12:27 AM

Should I upload a lux build???
I built lux in a pretty good way, with almost 700 AP 30 minutes in and 35% + 15 Flat magic pen. The only problem is that it requires an early mejai's and I don't know how people will think of that. :\ I may try a couple more games to see how situational it is and if I can improve it a little, but do you think it's a good idea at all???

ChipsNFish 12-31-2012 12:40 AM

Also that's without a very good AP rune page... (I'm a bit of a noob in that department)
However I do know I want Marks of magic pen, seals of armor, glyphs of flat AP, and quints of scaling AP (for slightly more late game damage)

Shesocold 12-31-2012 12:48 AM

I like your rune set up but personally the 15AP early from Quints to me just seems too good compared to I believe the extra 6 for 3 scaling ones. Also the flat Quints would help get early stacks on the mejais

ChipsNFish 12-31-2012 01:24 AM

That's a pretty good point. So flat quints in the end would probably get me more AP. Thanks for the advice. :)

Kaanon 12-31-2012 04:19 PM

Just made a lux guide too:) Check it out sometime if you can I would appreciate hearing what you think of it and how it compares to your build


Korodon 01-01-2013 09:18 AM

I main Lux. I haven't played her much lately due to trying to improve with other champs/roles, and I'm by no means a pro, but here's my advice for you:

Mejai's on Lux
Mejais works when your opponent feeds you (or you're allowed to roam and get kills). It is a bad core item because it relies entirely on being allowed to pick up kills and assists without ever dieing (easier with Lux than other champs). It is the most situational AP item you can get.

Your Gambit
A quick look at your match history suggests you're playing an early game gambit. You rush a mejai's and go clarity/ignite, so you're probably trying to get early kills by spamming spells and using clarity as a mana crutch. Without flash as an escape, you can't make a single mistake in positioning, however this can be a fairly effective strategy against players who are bad at dodging skill shots, since once Lux starts to get fed she can kill her opponent under their tower fairly easily.

I think your strategy won't work against an opponent of equal or greater skill, particularly as your normal rating increases. If you can't snowball from the mejai's, it will stall your build (giving you literally no benefit over an amplifying tome while losing 800g). This shows in your latest game where you and ended up 0/8/3 with level 1 boots, mejai's an a blasting wand. You need to at least be flexible. Get mejai's in response when you start to get fed, not in anticipation that you might get fed.

My suggestion is to trade clarity for flash and fix your mana problem in other ways. Mana regen seals are handy on top of the Meditation mastery. For items, start with a doran's ring for early AP & mana (mregen seals + meditation + doran's ring = ~100 additional mana back per minute, plus 5 mana back every time you last hit). I've been experimenting with this rune/mastery/item start S3 and have been fairly happy with it. Alternatively, a flask + mix of potions can let you play fairly wrecklessly, take a good number of hits in trades, and still outsustain a doran's ring or boots+pots start.

In comparison, clarity with Summoner's Insight and Mastermind will give you about ~275 mana (depending on when we're using it) every 162 seconds (~100 mana back per minute, as above, except now you have flash as an offensive/escape tool).

Early aggression is rewarded by flat AP quints, so I would suggest those over scaling. The flat early damage may give you the early dominance to get just a bit more farm (or get a kill), and that nets you more AP in items than the scaling quints would. I strongly suggest magic penetration marks, both because they're fairly good anyway, and because they improve the damage on your passive (handy early!)

Rushing Mejai's only works if you get fed. This is less likely to happens you face more skilled opponents. Clarity on Lux is a crutch that you can easily build around such that you can have the utility of flash while still not running out of mana.

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