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Captain Dildac 12-30-2012 04:48 PM

[Discussion] Off-Meta Bot Lane Fun
((I know im gonna get A LOT of hate from the community for posting this but its something ive been looking into lately and would very much like to see if anyone else has been conducting the same kind of research))
So, gentlemen. I've come to Guides and Strategy to talk to you about something important. Do any of you feel the monotony of bot lane? Do both you and your enemy ward correctly and therefore reduce most chances of getting ganked? Do you build GP/5's and watch your ADC right click to victory?! DO YOU HAVE FUN SITTING THERE?! *click click* 25 gold! *click click* 25 gold! OH BOY better right click some more and farm from 5 miles away! Do you ever lust for an engaging bot lane? Others tried the KILL LANE! But has anyone really perfected it?
Ahhh yes, the MF'ing KILL. LANE. If done correctly it is one of the most beautiful things in all of LoL. It is however very sparse in the possible combinations of DUNKING the competition. While not for lack of trying. Others have embarked on a quest to forfiet a few blind pick normal wins to conduct research on the subject. Experimenting with wacky and wild picks that with the right training could potentially be very effective kill lanes that force massive attention bot. Of course most players stop before they can master something due to intense backlash from their teammates NO ADC NO ADC UNINSTALL NOOB JUST STOP THINKING AND BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
TL; DR Read it you lazy mass of slime!!!!

Firstly and MOST importantly you really got to get into the habit of sharing farm.I recommend using VOIPs to communicate on whos getting what each wave.
Try and distinguish whos abilities can clear the melee minions or ranged minions the most efficiently and find a rhythm. Remember to trade off on who gets the last hit on the siege minion.

Now that that's off my chest lets talk about possible bot lane combinations I've tested that you can do to break the monotony of that damn rice farming lane:

Combo 1
Zilean/Talon--> This is a fun combo. It does however take some rune tinkering and starting item changes to make work. The basic jist of it, is the following combination of skills in the right order to A) harass enemy and B) farm minions in the process.
Zilean Bomb on Talon-> Zilean Speed Buff on Talon-> Talon Blinks to squishiest enemy -> Bomb explodes during Talons burst normally resulting in a heavy wave of harassment OR a kill from Summoner Spells.
At level 6 the combo evolves into a very VERY effective lane.
Zilean Bomb on Talon-> Zilean Speed Buff on Talon-> Zilean Ult on talon(situational pre-cast depends what your against) -> Talon ults and blinks in-> unleash burst with zil bomb exploding mid combo-> receive double kill if their support **** his pants and stayed behind to help.

Combo 2
Shaco/Fiddlesticks--> The best combination I've ever done to date(I main AP Shaco...ya keep laughing i KNOW I KNOW) It is something that is hard to put into words and requires both you and your partner to really know how to play the most cowardly and underhanded plays possible with Fiddle's CC and Shacos permanent boxed river/bush.

What Shaco should be thinking: "Is my JitB on CD? NO?! DROP ONE!" "Is my Shiv on CD? NO!? SHIV THAT ADC RIGHT IN THE SPINE"
Now where you drop them boxes IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT! LISTEN UP! TRI-WARD bush is a no brainer but from my experience right on the waters edge in the lane making a line of JitB's to thwart ganks is incredibly hilarious and effective. Often i find myself WANTING the jungler bot because it normally ensures an easy kill. Other tips on bot lane Shaco box placement would be directly behind where ever the line of skirmish is on the lane. This line changes so adapt and drop them accordingly. This on top of river boxes creates a very annoying line of CC that not only buys Fiddle the time to get double kill ults on unsuspecting farmers but it demoralizes any thought of coming bot to stop the unstoppable. At least until they show up with 4 people every time you show your face. IF that happens, smile, your doing your job correctly.
What Fiddle should be thinking: "CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW" That about sums it up.

General Tips when punching meta in the face!
1. GP/5 items are key for both of you bot lane and early investment in sustain over DPS is encouraged.
2. Crystalline Flask + Philo component+ward(gold masteries are your friend and almost required with any kill lane bot)
3. Share the weight with ward buying. Let your teammate know you got the ward next time or vice versa.
4. Be aware that your farm is going suffer until you get that first glorious kill. Do not discourage my friend! Practice makes perfect!
5. Counter ward/early oracle tactics are very much encouraged when you got the skillz to pay the billz.
6. Your jungler is your friend! Let him know your counter warding and let him know what the ward situation is.

Some other untested/lightly tested ideas for duos bot.
Brand/Annie--> Extreme burst and CC. Forces MR stacking. Works wonders with AD mids.
Heimer/Teemo--> Hilarious and Cute BUT DEADLY! Ungankable if your doing it right. Fast towers and pushing to the second tier towers early game really pull aggro bot.

I'll post more but until then remember, bot lane a different way is possible and very much viable with enough effort. It all comes down to you having the balls to say NO SCREW YOUR META and having the correctly trained skill to pull it off.

Darkvne 12-30-2012 05:21 PM

whats your IGN. you sound like the kinda person I like to lane with. I like to roll kayle bottom lane. My friend calls it a "shredder" spec. But I feel like I'm more early DPS and late dps/support. my IGN should be the same.

Captain Dildac 12-30-2012 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by Darkvne (Hozzászólás 32995145)
whats your IGN. you sound like the kinda person I like to lane with. I like to roll kayle bottom lane. My friend calls it a "shredder" spec. But I feel like I'm more early DPS and late dps/support. my IGN should be the same.

Captain Dildac! <3 im always open for people to test stuff with.

Hidden Sanity 12-30-2012 07:05 PM


You can even have Leona go normal 0 CS... you have a rough level 1, but at level 2 you both start being able to dunk with a lot of CC. And it only gets meaner at level 3 and 6. Sure, you don't have an ADC, but after Leona and Jarven go full man-mode on them? Neither do they. Generally try and get the dunk early(Preferably with jungler support) and then zone them out of farm and EXP rest of laning phase(Naturally, kill them if they're silly enough to not get zoned when you have the level advantage.)

Captain Dildac 12-30-2012 07:55 PM

I have heard about the infamous Leo/J4 bot kill lane. I have yet to try it tho.Just had some successful games doing double AP bot. If our mid is accommodating and does an AD mid. Its really nice. They stack MR and then get destroyed by the AD's.

Ronyk 12-31-2012 08:16 AM

I always applaud those who give the middle finger to the meta. Even more so to people who write well and give examples. You deserve gold stars.

Sokolniki 12-31-2012 09:55 AM

JIV/Leona is one of my favorite bottom lanes, barely squeeking out Panth/Leona (Jungler tries to gank us? When he's done letting us push his allies under the turret, he'll feel like he got 2v1 ganked in that silly little river brush he was waiting in)

Inspira 12-31-2012 07:08 PM

Good combos, good thoughts, this community needs more of this.

Rakaydos 01-01-2013 10:56 AM

I like Soroka/Ryze bottom lane. They actually follow a lot closer to the ADC/Support ideal, but it makes up for Ryze's weak earlygame and blue dependancy with a support who can shred MR with him. Lategame, he's your group's sustained damage, which means you can have an AD assasin mid without worrying about their team stacking armor to counter you.

0blair8888 01-02-2013 08:40 AM

I love doing leona kennen with a friend of mine he just supports me as leona until I get super fed due to the fact that the other teams adc is constantly stunned.

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