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toastwaffle 12-29-2012 09:16 PM

Cooler actives: Item that lets you clone yourself?
So I just started playing Dota 2, and I ran across this item.


"Manta Style": An axe made of reflective materials that causes confusion amongst enemy ranks.

+10 Strength
+26 Agility
+10 Intelligence
+15 Attack speed
+10% Movement speed

Active: Mirror Image: Creates 2 illusions of your hero that last 20 seconds.
Melee illusions deal 33% damage and take 350% damage.
Ranged illusions deal 28% damage and take 400% damage.
Now, because I love League more dearly than Dota, I immediately thought: How awesome would it be if there was an item that did similar things in League. This also prompted me to start playing Shaco again, and this inspiration led me to go 19/4/15 on my first Shaco game in a long while.

But I digress.

In Dota I found that the item is perfect for relieving aggression and focus, while at the same time increasing your threat factor. The reaction it provokes goes usually like this "O God! You are doing tons of damage. So I must kill you. O GOD! THERE'S 3 OF YOU WHICH ONE DO I KILL!??!" This works especially well for melee carries because they have the highest potential damage. Shaco's Hallucinate works in much the same way in League of Legends.

Now I was thinking of a neglected role in League of Legends nowadays. Melee AD carries. Very few people play melee AD carries anymore and it's a shame because they're tons of fun. Sure, you melt like butter given any amount of focus, but with a little bit of timing and good positioning, it's not hard to catch their carry in the backlines, undefended, or their squishy mage who already blew every ability in the teamfight. Usually this results in a very clean kill, or at least a blown summoner spell on their part and your target sitting at 20% health and too afraid to come back into the fight.

Congratulations, you've just accomplished your job as the melee AD carry.

However there is a problem with what I've just described; It is that of peeling. During your killing of the carry, if the enemy team is smart enough to recognize the you are squishy and pretty much in the middle of their lines; a few of the big daddies on their team will drop whatever they were doing and immediately try to jump on you, stun you, slow you and otherwise petrify your glorious dance of death on their carry.

Since you're a melee AD carry and you've been stunned, slowed, or otherwise petrified you are now dead.

Since you're dead and didn't eliminate your target, you've failed your assignment as the melee AD carry.

Your team is now fighting a 4v5. And its not like their team wasted any time killing you that they could have been killing your team since you melt like butter anyways.

So in a glorious fit plagiaristic creativity I present to you; The new Yoomuu's Ghostblade. Aimed as a more defensive alternative to Sword of the Divine for melee AD carries that let's you participate in teamfights with less fear of melting instantly.


Yoomuu's Ghostblade:

+30 attack damage
+15% critical strike chance
+10% cooldown reduction

Passive: Unique: +20 armor penetration
Active: Ethereal Image: Creates a controllable mirror image of yourself that deals 33% of your damage and takes 50% more damage. Lasts 8 seconds on melee champions and 4 on ranged.
Why this change should be introduced to Ghostblade.

Will help melee AD carries bounce back.
Controllable clones are fun mechanics. (Imagine the juking potential)
Gives a reason to actually buy Ghostblade.
Gives a different interesting item route to ranged carries and bruisers.
You can pretend finally pretend your Naruto while playing League of Legends.

Can't some champions (like bruisers) abuse this sort of ability?

Yes I see bruisers heavily abusing this sort of ability. No one wants two Dariuses in the middle of their team. However I still see this as being more beneficial to AD carries because the clone only benefits from autoattacks, while the bruiser is more dependent on his ability for damage.

Shaco will readily abuse this active, not because he needs the team fight presence but because 3 Shacos will be funny as hell.

Reduced duration on ranged carries should help balance this item for them.

Will Riot ever see this thread?

Probably not but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

So what does the League of Legend community think of this?

Smile IU 12-29-2012 09:18 PM

dota and lol are different, and they should stay different

Kuusou 12-29-2012 09:18 PM

o.o long thread

Question: How to control your clone as well as yourself? Whatever you do it does?

Frowny Cupcake 12-29-2012 09:18 PM

Interesting idea, but I can't really see how it would work out. Either the clone would be too powerful of the effect and nobody would buy it, or it would not be worth the cost and be pretty pointless - another item nobody ever buys. I can't really see it having a good niche without it being too powerful.

toastwaffle 12-29-2012 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by nG Xaive (Hozzászólás 32971612)
o.o long thread

Question: How to control your clone as well as yourself? Whatever you do it does?

Alt-click. How you used to control Shaco's clone and Annie's bear before they made it controllable with R.

BlargCow 12-29-2012 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by Frowny Cupcake (Hozzászólás 32971618)
Interesting idea, but I can't really see how it would work out. Either it would be too powerful and everybody would buy it, or too weak and there would be no point.

it would be powerful on champions with on-hit effects and on-hit effect builds and probably not so great otherwise.

One problem I see is that summoner's rift is a pretty small map compared to dota and so many clones would be pretty cluttered

chickenizgoodz 12-29-2012 09:25 PM

You say it would benefit melee ADC, but this item can be abused by ranged adc and would be more effective

Daikun 12-29-2012 09:25 PM

So would Shaco/Leblanc have 3 clones of themselves running around then?

FancifuHarlequin 12-29-2012 09:27 PM

Too abusable.

Come with me summoners, into the la d of hypotheticals.

Imagine, if you will: the enemy team consisting of Darius, teemo, trondomore, etc, etc. And they all get this item. Just imagine. Imagine trying to teamfight.

Imagine the chaos.

Imagine the overwhelming desire to murder each and every illusion of Teemo.

It would be absurd.

Don't get me wrong: I really want the item too. It might make MADCs viable. And I want that trolling potential, to be honest. But lol is lol and dota is dota.

VoodooSaviorNBK 12-29-2012 09:27 PM

Yes. Simply that. Yes.

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