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Gale Mazekin 12-29-2012 05:40 PM

To all players that got hacked>
Guy riot takes holidays just like we do, i am not saying that that the whole team should take the holidays(IF they did) or they have a back up system that tracks this sort of thing, they don't want thier players to get hacked. Most likely a third party is responsible for this, someone got ahole of information that riot is unguarded at holidays. They probly want let this happen next year one way or another/ reemburstment(Maybe Eula does state agreements and understanding.) If riot feels generous they might help you best way they can to get your gear back and help anyother way possible, if not buyer beware.

accwashacked 12-29-2012 05:54 PM

they feel generous they MIGHT HELP? a lot of people like me already spent a lot of money in this game and i had my acc for 3 years all of a sudden it just going to disappear like that? i mean no offense but u dont work for them stop trying to comfort their customers. we just want to know if we are HEARD we are not being impatient. we just want a response from them not from someone who doesnt even work for riot.

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