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camelBomb69 12-29-2012 10:29 AM

Rank of Champions in all-outs
I'm relatively new to this game, and almost every game when I'm solo laning, I'm not sure whether or not I could win an all-out against the enemy. Could someone help me (and all others who have this problem) by creating a list of strength of champions in all-outs? Another thing that would help is a guide that explains what helps in an all-out. Thanks

League of Hooks 12-29-2012 08:18 PM

Well, first IMO, I personally think that some champions counter others. like anyone with a massive burst or a way to escape counters karthus, like leblac, or kat. but if not counter picked all champs have a good quality to them, and very few champs are stronger than others riot does a good job of equaling it out. but in order to be the strongest u can with a champion u need to learn to play it. u cant just pick a champ and be natually good at him/her, that happens rarely. like atm im not a high elo player but im trying to get there, but i started a counter list a few days back of people in mid that counter other people to my skill lever and personal experiences to know how to beat them in mid. id suggest doing the same. but right now i am learning akali in mid, she tends to counter quite a bit of mids and thats always good to know her for later expirences, and its also good to play a champ for a while so u learn how to play them so when u get to high elo and i play aginst people who have been playing their champ for forever u know how to counter that champ cause u play aginst them and learned them personally and know what counters them and how to counter them. like for instance if ur mid aginst a akali with lets say eve (akali counters eve) and u are loseing misserbly but u konw that u can win a 1v1 and thats all u need to beat her, so all u need is oricles or a pink ward and u can beat her, her bubble is her main spell. well hope this helps, i understand this is a lot but i tried to cover alot.

someone who wishes he had help when he was new.

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