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MrGiraffeington 12-29-2012 07:04 AM

I just got this strong urge to replay FF XII
I've never wanted to replay a game this bad. Its really weird. Its to the point where I feel like buying a ps2 just so I can play it. Its so much better than either of the FF XIII games. I'd rather pay 60 bucks for a HD remaster of FF XII than pay 60 bucks for the entire FF XIII trilogy.

Its just such an amazing game. The open world was beautiful, the combat system was and still is the best of any FF game, the content was huge (I did multiple 100+ hour playthroughs), and the politically driven story was actually interesting rather than the typical sappy melodramatic romance stories FF is known for.

They're doing HD remasters of FF X and X-2 so hopefully they do XII next.

CyrusofIreland 12-29-2012 08:28 AM

If you're going to play FFXII, get a PS2 emulator and try to find an English Patched version of International Zodiac Job system. It fixes a lot of bugs, adds classes(I.E Ninja,Monk,Uhlan etc). More weapons, and no damage limit. Also, you can status break Tiamat and murder his ass

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