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Extolence 12-29-2012 01:57 AM

Screenlock/Zoom in-out
Just a suggestion but I find playing with screen lock really enjoyable but a lot of champs and those with global ultimates make this very difficult.. and not so much viable when it comes high level of play. So my suggestion is it would be possible to zoom out a little bit more with your character to make screen-lock more viable.. because honestly I find it really fun. I find that with dominion game type you are zoomed out a bit more..why not with regular.. but that might be just me. So if zooming out was implemented screen-lock would be more viable and fun!!

P.S Not sure if this was correct place to post this. <3

ReaperKiller101 12-30-2012 04:03 PM

Im having a problem with this. I cant zoom out at all locked or not locked! Its burning my eyes im zoomed in so much. Everyone is saying Just scroll out But its not working before it was.
EDIT: I am actually stuck in zoomed in. Its zoomed in so much I cant see anything but my champion almost. Can someone please help me!!!
ANOTHER EDIT: Nvm I fixed it. It was just me. I didnt play the game in a long time so it seemed like it was zoomed in alot XD

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