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chloemiyuki 12-28-2012 10:40 PM

expanding on orianna`s lore.
orianna`s lore is pretty sad. she is just a soulless machine/puppet that was created by her father to fill the gap the real living orianna had once been, until she was slayed.

though orianna is a machine, in the eyes of her inventor/father, IT is still his orianna.

now im not thinking of bringing orianna back but through technology, a transfer of some of the memories from the real orianna to the machine, or the dad digs up orianna to map out her mind, record the algorithm for her personality and implant it into her but having the memories transfer over to her, would allow expansion of the plot because with those memories would come a name, image of the killer of the real orianna and all the feelings that come along with the original orianna, perhaps the expierment worked too well, where oriannas soul would be plucked from where ever beautiful peaceful place it was back to where she is now. she would be ambivalent with her reanimation because she now once again can see her father.

maybe somewhere in the story line, they can tie viktors story into oriannas. viktor needed help with something and killed his daughter, to get a grief stricken father who would do anything to see his daughter, aid him in the technology viktor uses

Test on da spot 12-29-2012 07:11 PM

You could have yorick put orianna's soul into the machine after the father get's viktor to make the machine.

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