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mellrose 12-28-2012 10:37 AM

Irritating for female players
Idk if its true for all of the female players but a good bit of the ones that I've talked to find it increasingly irritating that he skin updates for female champions make them trampier each time. The majority of the adult human like female champions have unrealistic giant perfectly round boobs that are squeezed into their shirts and popping out the top and a few that were decently dressed get tramps skins added like bunny riven or get updates that make sure to showcase their boobs and midriff. It was the reason I refused to play for so long and sadly the reason I don't play as much as I'd like to and may eventually quit all together. Marketing wise I get that the majority of gamers are male and game designers market towards them but could us girls get some fun pretty adult champions that can keep their boobs in their shirts. Especially supports, Janna, Morgana, sona.... Only one I feel comfortable playing is soraka. I generally don't like to complain but 2 people I like within the last few updates got art changes that assured their boobs could now be seen very well and it's just discouraging.

Fraxotic 12-28-2012 11:34 AM

would you like them to be flat instead? or maybe wear a t-shirt and jeans?

Summoner Abyss 12-28-2012 11:57 AM

Riot had said this many times in the past, the models of the females with the engine they use they have to make them busty most cases cause it would be hard to tell if a champion was male or female in game. The art well some of the "new" art they brought came from the Chinese art work. But there are champs who have not been tramped out, Lux, Karma, and Shyvana don't have sexy outfit Well with lux her sorceress outfit no worse then what you see cheerleaders wear. I respect those who feel the champs like to be toned down in the sexual content, but Riot is a business and like any business they need to make money so they can keep this great game free and updated, but there is also player made skins and art you can use that give the characters different looks for your own client, but I'm not sure if modding breaks ToS or not but if not its a good start.

Gatvin 12-29-2012 09:31 PM

The majority of the adult human males have 6-pack abs and bulging or attractive musculature.
Females all have the same sort of problem. 1 dominating idealized feature and two body types, boyish and barbie.

Over female characters males have:
1 Fat guy: Gragas
1 Old guy: Zilean

If we want to stretch a little we can also add:
1 Ugly guy: Trundle

The problem here is that you can't just go "Great lets design for additional body types" because that's not how champion design starts. It starts with a cool idea. Everyone gets excited and tags on ideas, trims things down and concentrates them into an exemplar of the design that they can be proud of. If you start with "k lets make female Gragas" you won't end up with a fun champion that's unique in her own way, you'll end up with a Gragas reskin.

Until happens though, there's really nothing we can do to force a champion with a body type we like out the door, because even if we did, it probably would lack the quality of the champions everyone enjoys and people would complain about the champion existing.

There are definitely well defined fantasy archetypes that fall into these body types, Riot just needs to stumble into them at the right time in order for them to become champions.

Dragon Striker9 12-29-2012 10:46 PM

Majority of the League community is, so to speak, "mature", enough to handle this. Of course, you wouldn't want a 7 year old on League because of the fighting and such. Personally I don't mind how the female or male champions look, it's based on their in game performance. True, the appearance brings popularity, however gameplay is much more important. You could have the best looking champ, but they could stink like elephant poo, or vice versa. All in all, I don't mind that the female champs are a bit exposing. Erm, HUMAN female champs. Not you Anivia, you can go home now...

SlVIR 12-30-2012 01:53 AM

i love them sona titays

seelkama 12-30-2012 04:08 AM

Well, some 13 year old males aren't yet interested in the wonders of the female body (so to speak) yet and, well, let's just say they flinch whenever they see something like sona.

Minion Strong 12-30-2012 11:01 AM

this debate is much bigger than LoL, I mean look at just about ANY main character female in a game? most of them are just sexed up dolls made to give boys stiffies and women eating disorders. Don't blame Riot for all the big bouncing beauties, blame the simple fact the S E X SALES.
who cares if someone is represented realistically if you can give her size DD boobies and make tones of cash!

Sminkle 01-01-2013 11:09 PM

Nightman007 has a good point. It's widespread videogame objectification and sexism because the idea is that all the women characters should have some sexual appeal for the straight male supposedly playing the game. We can argue that the male characters are also crazy buff and usually white and handsome, though male characters are usually covered with clothes/armor and-or hypermasculine in their acting & voice (like Pantheon). I wouldn't mind say, a fat female champion (or even just a NORMAL sized one for once), if she has good moves! And having bigger bodied champion doesn't mean that she would be ugly, either, provided her artwork would be done well. If the children champs (Annie) are sexualized, then that freaks me out more...

Imaginable 01-02-2013 04:57 PM

Would ladies also complain if they gave Darius a Big Bulge skin? Probably. Would they complain if Riot made a ugly chick for a champ? Probably. Would they complain if Riot made a chick champ have a PMS passive, therefore she would control differently and get different skills every few minutes (make it happen btw, sounds like fun)? Probably. This is the same problem as the people that QQ'd over Elise scaring them and messing with their 'phobias'. All you are going to get is a get over it, and a pat on the back.

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