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MizderMeaner 12-28-2012 01:57 AM

Tweaks For Twitch
Now I would like to go on the record by saying I'm no expert on Twitch, but I have played over 200 games with him so I like to think I know a bit about him. Unlike some people I think he is in a pretty good spot overall after the remake. I do however see he could use a few tweaks to his kit.

Deadly Venom - His passive is great and is perfect as is. No tweaks I can think of for this skill.

Ambush - Ambush is good, the 8 seconds are actually pretty long. However I still find that if could use a few tweaks. The first tweak would be that Ambush's movement speed buff would start when Twitch is trying to stealth as well. There have been many times when the delayed stealthed caused me to get killed because I wasn't fast enough to escape. The movement speed buff itself could start off small and over the course of the delayed stealth increase to 20% when completely stealthed like it is now.

The second tweak would be to cut his attack speed steroid in half at all ranks and make it a passive instead. In its place after he unstealths his auto attacks would apply two stacks of Venom to a target for 5 seconds. This I feel would make up for the lack of attack speed, and give Twitch a more venom based gameplay like Riot planned.

Venom Cask -I like this skill but I think it could should do a bit more. Because of the fairly slow speed of the cask and with the somewhat small range you have to aim it carefully. To always have carefully calculate where and when to throw your only source of cc, just to have it do nothing if it misses is a bit unforgiving. Considering that missing your slow can cause you to die or cost your team a kill.

I've noticed Varus' Hail of Arrows and Graves' and Smokescreen both persist after they land, so why not Venom Cask? The tweak would be if an enemy is in the impact zone of the cask when it lands it will still apply the 2 stacks of Deadly Venom as normal, but instead of the venom disappearing the venom would linger making anyone who walks through the venom to be slowed by the same 45% at max rank.

Expunge - Holy hell is this skill good. The only tweak I can think of for this is the cast time. It is very short, but I wish it was just an instant. Its extremely annoying to have Twitch pause in tracks just to use his most crucial skill. This pause will cause you to lose out on an auto attack or two, so when every second of your ult is precious, those missed attacks could have caused you a kill.

Spray and Pray - This skill still fairs fine with the damage decrease through additional targets. Without it Twitch just tore holes through teams.So the change was necessary and I completely agree with it.

The tweak to Spray and Pray would tie into Ambush's passive. Once activated Twitch would gain double the passive from Ambush for the duration. Now it will no longer be necessary to go stealth just to get the most out of your ultimate with Ambush's steroid. I think now that Twitch has the damage reduction its finally time to (somewhat) put his steroid back on his ult.

Well those are all the tweaks, nothing too big or anything. I would like to hear your opinions on these. If you disagree with them please feel free to let me know why. If you like them hopefully they can be implemented into the game to make Twitch that much better.

*Edit* Instead of having a two Deadly Venom buff, Twitch could receive an ad increase. The ad increase would be removed from his ult all together, and placed on Ambush instead.Then the scaling would be changed from 20/28/36 like it is now to 7/14/21/28/35.

AzinoVo 12-28-2012 08:04 AM

Understandable, I hope they do change twitch again, because he just falls flat on his face against other ADC's....

mcbeast1011 12-28-2012 08:45 AM

I agree with most of the stuff on there but ambush boosting his ult that would just be a bit overkill. Best thing that sticks out is the expunge he should be able to do that on the run. Finally they shouldn't put attack speed as a passive keep it as is but make the speed boost an instant when you trigger ambush.

Kholdstare13 12-28-2012 08:59 AM

What I would like to see:
A better missile speed and more persistent slow on W, lingering slow field may work.
E scaling 'per stack' as higher fixed damage, not bonus AD (to revive tank twitch)

I loved old twitch SOOOOO much. New twitch just feels BAD. There are no working fun builds for him anymore. He builds AD, that's all he can do now. It's too serious and linear for a champ like Twitch. Old twitch made the best tank with his massive aoe slow, reliable burst E, global taunt, and passive to wear down enemies while he survived the long fights. Try to tank now you have 0 output, can be completely ignored with your tiny aoe slow, and can't even apply any burst with E thanks to its bonus AD scaling.

MizderMeaner 12-28-2012 09:16 AM

I dont see how Ambush boosting his ult would be overkill. When Riot took his steroid and put it on ambush, that was nerf and was quite needed at the time. The damage reduction was also a nerf so that Twitch could be even more balanced. I think he should at east get one of these nerfs revoked. Putting his steroid on his ult would not break him in the slightest, the damage reduction would make sure of that.

I'm glad someone else likes the idea of instant cast expunge.XD

Lastly Ambush's attack speed as a passive would not be breaking Twitch either. Kog'Maw's Caustic Spittle has a passive attack speed increase just like Ambush would. Considering that Kog'Maw gets an attack speed increase, while also having an active that does damage and reduces armor and magic resist, while Twitch just gets a semi escape move. I see its perfectly fine for Twitch to just have 5% more attack speed then Kog'Maw does with Caustic Spittle at all ranks.

AzinoVo 12-28-2012 09:28 AM

Well I mean, Passive Attack Speed would be overkill since twitch already has an AD steroid from his ult.

mcbeast1011 12-28-2012 09:33 AM

For venom cask it should linger to slow.... well i mean on contact it slows for what like 1-2 seconds either make it linger or just increase the slow on it.

MizderMeaner 12-28-2012 09:39 AM

I do see your point but there is an easy remedy to this. The extra attack damage could be stripped from his ultimate and applied to Ambush instead of the double venom stack idea. Now of course the ad steroid would have to be scaled for 5 ranks instead of 3. So instead of 20/28/36, it could be 7/14/21/28/35.

Stray Logos 12-28-2012 09:40 AM

I like all your changes to Twitch, and I don't think any of them would put him over the top considering his innate squishiness and low mobility... however I want to propose my own idea for his Q.

The problem I find when I'm playing Twitch in the adc role, is that his Q is largely useless in lane. Any competent laner will either buy pink wards, or will simply use common sense to realize that if Twitch suddenly is gone, he is most likely preparing to trade with his stealth. Combine this with the fact that it is not a good escape in the slightest due to the delay on stealth + speed, and I think stuff needs to be altered.

Why not give Twitch's Q the full duration of the stealth at level 1? 4 seconds of stealth in lane is almost useless (if you max expunge first which is the way to go from what I've seen). The scaling attack speed can stay the same, and movement speed can be either buffed or nerfed (I never notice a significant difference with his MS while stealthed). In addition, cut the time it takes for his stealth to activate by half, OR remove the delay penalty from taking damage.

I understand that the delay on his stealth was originally to balance a super long and powerful skill, however now with the short duration (compared to pre-rework), and the fact that the whole skill is countered by pink wards, I don't think that it is unreasonable to make it more like Shaco's escape in the sense that it can actually be used as an escape. The most slippery ADC is Ez, but what if we brought Twitch up to that level of evasiveness, but in a different way? Being able to have a reliable escape is honestly the only thing I think that is holding Twitch back from getting into the competitive scene.

AzinoVo 12-28-2012 09:45 AM

-Hmm, then where would the attack speed come from?
-And lingering poison is too much like miasma, it should be changed somehow so its original.

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