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HereticSeraph 12-25-2012 07:14 PM

Help with Irelia.
As the title says. Please give some usefull advice on using the honeybadger please. :)

Directw 12-25-2012 07:28 PM

I would like to know, too.

Other day I play Irelia solo top against Darius. I got beaten very bad. It seems Darius can out damage me all the time, especially when Darius reach lv6.

Crazy Crann 12-25-2012 07:35 PM

Well, for starters, I generally run a mastery kit of 9/21. Irelia has freakish sustain and does pretty large quantities of damage without really needing to pump it up in masteries; that said, I take the enhanced summoners, 3 points in attack speed, 4 points in dmg/lvl and arpen in offense tree and as much HP, tenacity/slow reduction and armor/mr I can get out of defense.

For runes, I typically run attack damage marks, armor seals, mr glyphs and attack speed quints. The faster you attack, the more sustain you get out of your W (as well as damage).

My skilling order tends to be R-W-Q-E. I take a point each in Q and E early (usually level 2 and 3) and then focus on my W, obviously taking R when I can and Q when I can't invest in W. The lower the cooldown on your Q the easier you can stick to someone, and it makes an effective "finish off" skill.

I often let my opponent push the lane, using Q primarily to last hit, in the early game. This enables me to fight close to my tower — usually inadvisable, but not necessarily a bad idea for Irelia because her Q allows her to prevent it from poaching kills.

I tend to start different items depending on who I'm laning against. If it's Darius, I'll often start cloth and 5 red pots. If it's an AA-heavy champion, I'll start Doran's shield. Most match-ups get the standard boots and 3 though.

Make sure you ward. Irelia is not necessarily susceptible to ganks, but it's always helpful to know when one's coming so you can back-off. She has a lot of survivability and if you save your R for the right moment you can use it to enable tower dives, survive gank attempts, or finish off a kill.

Rush TriForce. With it Irelia's damage cap skyrockets. Then upgrade boots and work toward something to add survivability — I like Guardian Angel. Once you have that, add speed and moderate in the form of Rageblade or Wit's End, and round out the build with more damage or tankiness/CC reduction depending on how the enemy team is responding.

With just a Triforce and boots with an upgrade you should be one of the quickest forces on the map. Use your speed to your advantage. Capitalize on it by taking summoner spell ghost over flash, and of course run ignite as your second option for closing out those pesky kills.

HereticSeraph 12-25-2012 08:27 PM

What about Zephyr? Is it a piece of **** or somehting to consider as it helps with tenacity, attack speed and movement speed.

rikoLash 12-25-2012 11:00 PM

I think Zephyr is extremely strong if you win lane. The extra movespeed (with trinity force also) allows roaming and repositioning (though not very important usually) to be much easier.

Every stat helps Irelia, and if I come back to base and have 3k gold to spend then I always buy it...or GA if i don't have it.

HereticSeraph 12-26-2012 02:24 PM

Any favorite strategies you like to employ or use against certain champs?

Azellos 12-26-2012 03:09 PM

I think the important thing with irelia is to remember your goal is mid-late game. It's not that she's awful early, she's just not as strong as other champs like khaz in early game fights.

But she's amazing at staying alive. People say sometimes "win lane, win game" for snowball champs. For irelia it's more like "tie lane, win game", because she only has to keep up with cs and maybe get a kill when the jungler ganks (or on her own if your better than your opponent/ get a jungler gank).

HereticSeraph 12-26-2012 03:51 PM

How does she stack up, in your own opinions, to some of the other solo top champs? Does she have to use more summoner spells and which ones in which combination?

Are 12-26-2012 04:43 PM

I take tank masteries on Irelia, and I just use terrible AD runes on her [Runes cost so much =/]. But as far as runes go, AS is VERY good on her.

Irelia is all about itemization.

You shouldn't ever rush a tri force on her, unless you are just wrecking lane. If you're going against Darius, you may want to build armor, or some health. While you're in lane, you counter build your enemy, your W should be enough damage in lane. You should normally build a tri 3rd or 4th

At level 1, if you feel as though your lane opponent will overpower you, or the jungler will gank you, it's always good to start with 1 point in E. If you feel as though you're still getting pummeled in lane or getting ganked a lot, E is good to max second. Q is for damage and mobility.

Her ult can really turn the tide in a skirmish top lane, as the healing keeps you up for a few more hits, it also clears waves very fast. You can also use it to bring your HP back up while in lane. This is a very useful skill.

In terms of summoner spells, I play draft, so when I feel as though the top lane will be very strong ie) Olaf, I take exhaust. If I think I can do well in lane (or the enemy has much sustain), I take ignite. If you're going blind pick, it's probably better to take exhaust. Teleport and Ghost depend on what you think you may need to benefit your team.

Normally I start Dorans shield. and buy armor/MR depending on my opponent. If I feel as though a negatron cloak/Chain vest is enough, I start into a phage for the extra HP. After my phage, I start to continue building against my enemy, into a Randuins or Wit's end, if this is enough, I start into a tri. Otherwise, I build tankier until I feel the damage is needed.

My end game build is usually:
MR item

I haven't played Irelia since S2 though, I hear that she is now weaker because all her core items were nerfed. (Tri, Wits)

Edit: Irelia doesn't really have hard counters, and becomes stronger with every level. If you haven't given the other laner a large advantage over you, then you should be able to come out on top at level 9. As Irelia, you just want to farm passively until you are sure, you have the advantage.

Azellos 12-26-2012 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by HereticSeraph (Hozzászólás 32860093)
How does she stack up, in your own opinions, to some of the other solo top champs? Does she have to use more summoner spells and which ones in which combination?

She's just as good as (if not better than) a variety of top champs.

The big issue for irelia is champs with a strong early game, range, and/or strong harass. Rumble, the anti-melee, is a very tough champ for her.

However, once you hit mid and late game, irelia is one of the scariest champs in the game if played well. Keep that in mind early game, keep up with your opponent, and then leave him in the dust later.

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