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General Treble 12-25-2012 06:04 PM

NTG Friends & Family Tourny looking for 1300-1400 elo players
To fill in some of the gaps we have atm, and even out some team elo averages.

Here's a link to the tourny's info

and here's a link to our group. this is where you go to join the group, which allows you to join the tourny.

- The prize is only $10 in riot points for each member of the winning team

- Players are required to be group members to be on these teams, unless they are friends/family of current group members.

- The offer to join through this topic will only be good for 24 hours (so no more after 9pm est), and we only want 1200-1400 elo players atm.

The idea here is to help fill some gaps to help the elo averages of the teams that are gonna be forming, so that everyone has a fair chance at winning, making it so that everyone will have more fun.

and FYI, if I catch anyone ELO smurfing, they're automatically disqualified.

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