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Painkillar 12-24-2012 12:55 PM

Painkillar's 101ish Nifty Tips to Counter Dominion Gimmicks and Raise Elo
Added new link for Dominion tourneys, now held by Mobafire instead of CSN.
Added new members to blame chart. Added Quick tips vs Jax/Teemo

My name is Painkillar, member of the multiple Dominate Dominion Tournament winner, Pays Evelynn Child Support (PECS). My current elo is around 2500+ in dominion. I've been listening through the grapevine at some of the woes of some of the low/mid elo players about some of the things that are irritating in those brackets. As well as some situations I’ve witnessed personally due to Riots mm algorithm of occasionally sticking the highest elo's with low elo.

Attempting to win by using the method of continuously backdooring (aka Pootering) is a gimmick used to test the patience of a team’s map awareness and coordination. If there is such a person on the enemy team, you need to do something about it; else your team will most likely fall into chaos trying to figure out what to do about the constant pressure on allied points.

1: Assign/volunteer a person to be on backdoor duty. Someone with good mobility usually is a good idea (Janna, Sona, Blitz, Rammus, Lulu), but really anyone can do it. I've even done PD stacking Pantheon (not recommended) and Cho'gath (also not recommended) to anti-poot.

2: Rethink the game as being 1v1 bot, 1v1 wanderers, and 3v3 top. Balance your team to get the maximum efficiency with these parameters in mind.

3: IN THE HOLY OLAFS NAME! DON'T CHASE THE POOT! Unless you are the one assigned to be on anti-backdoor duty.
One of the backdoorers biggest threats is his global taunt that lures people into succumbing to their base instinct of securing the kill even if they have to chase around the entire map to get it. If you have 3 people trying to chase the fast backdoorer, you will lose points. The general rule is 2 seconds, if he is not dead within that amount of time, break off and help your 3v3 top or your bot. Again, unless you are the anti-backdoorer, then chase away.

4: Keep in mind that most backdoorers stay near mid and sometimes go bot. If they go bot, your bot can intercept until you arrive, if the Poot goes top, he's most likely not dangerous to do anything in the amount of time it takes for you to get there. So the only point you need to worry about is mid, stay near the speedshrine and help your team when necessary while keeping your eye on the backdoorer.

5: Backdooring is really just a test of map awareness, if you are losing to a backdoorer the best way to get a better win ratio against such people is simply to have better map awareness. Constantly keep your eyes shifted to the minimap when you can.

Here is a link for an example of how to anti-poot (this was in the early stages of when I first developed anti-pooting, but it will work as an example nonetheless): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsAgUzXLk7o

If You Don't Have a Third Point...
1: DON'T PANIC. Unless Draven is on the enemy team, then run around in mass hysteria. Otherwise, regroup and reset, don't aimlessly wander around flailing trying to get a point by yourself against four enemies. Games can get much worse than simply not having 3 points. Unless there is 10-20 points left...then start throwin' Hail Marry's.

2: MMKH flow chart, gank bot, but don't leave mid completely undefended.

3: Establish some form of safe jungle control to get precious map awareness to form a strategy or/and trap door any roaming wanderers. Plus 10 respect if you are an Elise.

4: If you have awesome poke, siege top (not usually recommended due to the fact that your whole team is visible which leaves you with one option and the other team with many).

If You Got a Masters in Tower Inspecting at Demacia University (AKA Humping Top Turret)...
Get a degree in Uselessology also to compliment it. Most of Dominion is constantly moving around grabbing advantages, just because you have top tower, doesn't mean someone should stay glued to it trying to admire the aesthetics that Riot put into it.

Dominion is all about getting the water. When you establish jungle control, optimally farm the lane (optimally = not sitting in lane all game), gank bot, conceal your movements from the enemy, instagib a wanderer, grab storm relic, or grab healing relics; you are getting the water. When you sit on a tower all game, you are basically building your enemies a swimming pool.

In other words, if you are sitting at the tower doing nothing for 5 minutes, chances are that a good enemy team is taking advantage of something somewhere else while you are absent.

Now, I'm not saying this as a concrete rule, if you see the enemy team pushing top and you know the enemy teams movements and conclude that they are coming top, this may ok in this situation, but when you see the entire enemy team bot or in your jungle slaying your team, GET THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!

When To Go for Mid
I usually can gauge a person’s elo by this. When you can't win a fight top, low/mid elo's will always go to backdoor mid, usually by themselves. You should usually never do this, unless you have a clear advantage, have top and wiped the enemy team, or setting a trap in the jungle with your team.

If the enemy team is even a little competent they will pincer and kill you and/or your team. Not only that, they are closer to an allied turret and their base. Just kill them through ganks/jungle fighting.

If You Are Going to Die, Die Gloriously!!!!
If you find yourself in a situation where you can't escape in a fight or are unable to waste a significant amount of the enemies time, don't. Be a real man and take as many health bars from the enemy is possible before they kill you. This will soften the blow of you being dead for the remaining teammates if the enemy is wounded. Dieing gloriously does not include engaging 1v4 on an enemy turret, unless you are Pantheon with the speedo skin, then it is acceptable.

This is not an absolute rule. If there is an opportunity to waste a lot of the enemies time with your death, then do it.

Summoners Spells
I'm going to give summoners spells a point system on how good they are in Dominion "in general". Out of 10 Points:

Revive: 11/10 (Nidalee and Janna 9/10, otherwise don't go without it. There is currently not a spell that really even comes close to how crucial a well timed revive is in winning a game).
CV: 8/10 (if you don't have one on your team then 9/10)
Garrison: 8/10 (if you don't have one on your team then 9/10)
Exhaust: 8/10
Ignite: 6/10 (if there is a Swain, ww, etc then 8/10...but since blind pick....)
Flash: 5/10
Cleanse: Very situational, either really awesome or a waste/10
Ghost: Keep dominion as a spirit free zone/10
Barrier: idk/10
Smite: mo cs/10
Clarity: 10/10 clarity is boss.

Team Composition
Alot of people tend to believe in the myth that the dominion meta is the "stacking of tanky derps." While I see this very rarely at high elo, apparently it's still the case at other elo ranges. The quick and the short is that stacking tanky derps will 90 percent of the time be a handicap. A top composition should usually never consist of more than two melee, and usually, except in rare exceptions, one of those two melee should only have one tank for facechecking and initiating.

Basically, a team of bruisers are not king in dominion and should get out of the habit of stacking them top. A team needs a balance of poke, initiating capabilities, damage, cc, etc. Usually the base framework team composition for the current dominion meta is:

1 ad/ap tank and 1 ad/ap bruiser; or 2 ad/ap bruisers top
1 ranged caster
1 ad ranged or second ranged caster if your melee are ad
1 bot of your choice

Counterable low/mid Elo Op Champions
Gimmicky characters seem to be the most trouble for low/mid elo players. Putting it the best way possible, it is not the champions that are broken; it is the player’s lack of experience handling said champions (most of the time). Best solution, learn how to counter their gimmicks and elo hell will seem a lot easier to crawl out of. I'll add to the list upon request or when I have more time.

a. The most important thing is that her stealth circle is, well a stealth circle. Get a Hextech Sweeper or a Lantern to make her stealth circle sparkle. Also, she will be visible, which means you can see her, which implements Sengoku law that I made up which states: "death to the ninja who can be seen."

b. Akali can put up some really good burst, but her weakness is getting focused. if you see Akali in the middle of you all, probably best to warmly welcome her into your families loving embrace. Tanks are unwelcome into the family hug!!!!!!

c. If you are someone Akali can burst down fast, don't pleasantly stroll into her ult range wanting a hug, because she is a cuddle **** and will gladly oblige.

a. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY KITE HIM. I see way too many squishies and ranged basically let Darius just walk right up to them to axe a question, then complain that he is op because the question was, "do you want an axe to the face?" Darius is extremely susceptible to kite, cc's, etc.

b. If you are low health, chances are that he will be b-lining for you, run away and waste his time and dps trying to chase you while your teammates take him down.

c. He is an aoe mid range Blitzcrank, if you are ranged, treat him as such and don't get grabbed.

Heimerdinger (bot)
a. GANK HIM. Heimer bot is basically begging the implementation of Mob Rules, you should always pay him a visit for a "friendly chat" ever couple of minutes. He's probably easily one of the easiest champions to gank, so do it.

b. If you are melee bot, you will not win in any type of poke, push war. Get the speed shrine and fight him straight up. If you feel like you are going to lose to him, simply run away, recall, and then fight him again at full health. This will make two things happen: either he will die because he is at low health and won't be able to fight you, or he'll go back and you can deal with the wave that he pushed in. Also, if you can juke his grenade, it's pretty much an instant win for you.

c. Stay behind your minions for him to waste his rockets before you make a move.

d. Constantly try and cap their tower to force Heimerdinger from pushing the wave. This is risky, but if all else fails it will suffice to stop you from losing your turret.

a. Don't aa him while he's twirling his lamppost (Counterattack), it's not going to hit.

b. Don't duel him alone, Jax beats most people 1v1, especially late game.

c. If he's bot, gank him.

d. Itemize for a Jax. Omen and Frozen heart shut him down pretty well. (Don't build these if you are a carry pls)

e. See Darius

a. Buy a Lantern or Hextech Sweeper, throw it on his face when you start a fight. If he tries to stealth, you'll see exactly where he blinks to. Which makes for a sad sad clown.

b. Shaco pretty much sucks at team fighting, abuse this.

c. His clone's health bar will go down faster than the real Shaco.

a. Rammus needs to get into a position to taunt someone squishy to be effective, don't allow yourself to be in such a position to where he can sneak around and taunt you if you are a priority target.

b. If you are bot, you should always assume he is coming for you if you do not spot him on the mini-map, don't push out so hard or call on one of your teammates to strike first with a gank to neutralize his ganking advantage.

c. Don't be by yourself constantly in the jungle to where he can constantly bushwhack you.

d. Keep an eye on the minimap if the Rammus likes to backdoor. If you can keep him from backdooring, he is essentially wasting time and being a liability to his team.

e. He has 0 poke and is extremely susceptible to cc's, keep him kited and he won't catch anyone.

f. Rammus isn't up to dress to be in the club, body block him to keep him from getting to your squishies if you are tankyish.

a. Thank the Malphite, the Swain, and the Holy Olaf, salvation has come at last. Buy a Hextech Sweeper or a Lightbringer and drink the recently made puddle that is "Teemo's Delicious Tears." *Inferior in every way to Infeeds delicious tears. Those are like gold ****ting diamonds.

b. Attempt to instagib him while he's laying his mushrooms.

c. SEE A

When to Ignore This Guide
If Infe ed, SifuCalvin, Konfetarius, Zimike, or Sauron are in the game then just ignore everything and b-line for them. Because what matters isn't whether you win or lose, it's about Infe ed getting sent to the graveyard, which makes the match all worthwhile.

*Aparkhurst Clause: if Aparkhurst is bot, it is mandatory for every team to 5 man gank him. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If None of These Help and You Still Lost the Game and Need to Vent...

Nekrogen has willingly accepted that any and all losses of anyone in the dominion community are his fault. He's like Dominion's Jesus.

Infeed takes blame for any and all losses that have to do with computer issues, dc's, and/or missed Nami/Fiddle ults.

Painkillar (Ghostboss) accepts any and all losses that is obtained due to someone trolling or Fiora's feeding. Watch this master Fiora struttin' her stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_T67Bzt8UE&feature=youtu.be

Sauron (Ghostlord) has accepted blame for any and all losses that have to do with Yordles, Veigar Greybeard, handsome Elves, ruggedly good looking men, and/or anyone who plays AD Swain Bot.

Konfetarius has accepted blame for any and all losses due to being the boss of all bosses Zed, watch this brilliant Shredderlord in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJBDcl-C9ho. He has also recently acquired blame for anything Painkillar says but doesn't put into practice during a match.

Wawix accepts blame for any and all losses due to being better than everyone else.

SifuCalvin accepts blame for any and all losses due to op spammers and/or having poor respawn timers.

Zimike accepts any and all blame due to having "this Janna" on your team.

Read a crappy story about Teemo

The Most in Depth Explanation Ever About What Dominion is Really About

Pray to the Holy Olaf to bring salvation to your soul.

Other Resources:
(Whisper/comment me if i'm missing something).

How to Join a Dominion Tournament

We need a few more teams to compete, help competitive dominion grow!
(One must create and register their team on http://www.mobafire.com/edit/tournament-team to be able to play in a tourney. Free to enter and rp prizes. If you need more information, either comment below or whisper me in game).

*MAKE SURE TO CHECK IN BEFORE THE TOURNEY STARTS. You must both sign up and then check at least 15 minutes prior to the tourney.

Nekrogens Guide for Beginners

Saurons Guide for Everything and Every Champion

Dominion Site

Dominion Chatroom
Type: "Dominatedominion" into the Lol client join chatbox.
(click two whisper bubbles on the bottom right hand of your screen (yes, the bubbles are talking bad things about you). Click "Create or Join a Chatroom." Type in Dominatedominion (one word).

If there is anything I forgot, feel free to comment.

Painkillar 12-24-2012 12:55 PM

Space in case i need it.

Wawix 12-24-2012 01:17 PM

Good guide. It's missing the part where it says im the best, but other than that its okay.

DiscworldDeath 12-24-2012 01:22 PM

I'll add that if you're going to die/run while dying, try to run far away from your points and to their side, so they'll have less time to use the advantage of your death to assault one of your points - this is if it's assured you'll die and your team isn't going to be able to clean up as a result of the damage you've inflicted, naturally.

Make them chase you and waste time, as a counterpoint to the "Never chase endlessly" from above.

NamKim 12-24-2012 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by DiscworldDeath (Hozzászólás 32795762)
I'll add that if you're going to die/run while dying, try to run far away from your points and to their side, so they'll have less time to use the advantage of your death to assault one of your points - this is if it's assured you'll die and your team isn't going to be able to clean up as a result of the damage you've inflicted, naturally.

Make them chase you and waste time, as a counterpoint to the "Never chase endlessly" from above.

This just happened to me in game. I was Kayle bot (I think I need to reconsider. I know Kayle is suppose to be good but I cannot seem to get her to work for me). I was about to die, two people went bot to gank me. What did I do? I ran all all the way up to their mid, used my q, w, and ult to prevent myself from dying. I wasted a good 20 seconds.

The real reason why I did this? I have ten second left on my cooldown for Revive and Garrison. I didn't need to use either since they went to the windmill instead since they were closer to it than my bot.

I didn't even plan that. I was a in low-elo "Zoidberg-running mode."

naotasan 12-24-2012 01:43 PM

I would tell you to link Sauron's tier list but that's for higher elo range, not the low/mid elo range. It's a completely different list down there.

FOODFOOD 12-24-2012 01:59 PM

Thanks Painkiller. People that suck like me need this to kill the pain.

DiscworldDeath 12-24-2012 01:59 PM

A tier list doesn't help you play, really. I don't think linking to it is going to help people much. It's more of a curiousity based thing, or as a way to help them ask "Why is X good, what can I learn from it being highly regarded?", but that's a stretch.

Painkillar 12-24-2012 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by DiscworldDeath (Hozzászólás 32795762)
I'll add that if you're going to die/run while dying, try to run far away from your points and to their side, so they'll have less time to use the advantage of your death to assault one of your points - this is if it's assured you'll die and your team isn't going to be able to clean up as a result of the damage you've inflicted, naturally.

Make them chase you and waste time, as a counterpoint to the "Never chase endlessly" from above.

changed the parameters to clear up the confusion. this point was mainly directed to people who die without giving their team some kindof advantage for their death, if you can have them chase you for 10 seconds away from your points then all the power too you. This was mearly an option for people who are going to die without any real escape or advantage for escaping to actually make their death worth something. Not to be taken as an absolute 100 percent rule.

Zeoroot 12-24-2012 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by FOODFOOD (Hozzászólás 32796929)
Thanks Painkiller. People that suck like me need this to kill the pain.


Thanks for the info :)

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