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ShockDr 12-23-2012 06:19 AM

Potential new progression idea
Level 30 cap, level faster, abilities would be 8/8/8/6 ultimates accessed at level 10 to add diversity to ability builds and not only that but abilities individually would have different effects once they reach a certain fraction of said level cap. The variations of abilities grow in this math and provide a more unique champion in gameplay. Basically you could have a new effect to abilities added through fractions like 3,6,8, or 2,4,8, or 3,5,8, basically in a rule of 3 an ability will gain or morph through level progression. The point is that with higher levels you can add more variety to gameplay through ability level. Just an idea from a loser :P

Disgruntler 12-23-2012 09:11 AM

How does it add any variety at all?

If your previous strategy was to max out one of your skills, then another, then finish the third you will still do that.

That's not adding diversification at all. In practice it wouldn't affect that. The only thing it would do is reduce the impact of levels, which would REMOVE diversification by making experience boosting abilities, quints, and masteries less powerful.

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