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innervation 12-23-2012 04:36 AM

~~Innervation's ARAM Tier List (pants optional)
HI, this is my ARAM tier list - it's under construction.

A bit about myself. Perhaps you've seen me around these forums - I frequent them. I try to play nice with people; I had an honor badge, lost it for a time, and now have it again. I played League of Legends a little bit in the beta, stopped playing, and picked it up again at the urging of some of my friends part way into season 1. I've been playing ARAMs since before PG was a thing, since before Dominon and ARABs were a thing. I maxed out at 1737 elo S1, hit platinum on the Twisted Treeline last season, and was going to make a push to become a pretty good dominon player until this forum popped up - if ARAM matchmaking queues are input soon, I would love to play PG over dominon. I estimate that I have played over 1,500 ARAMs, with about 700 of those being on the Proving Grounds. I say all this not to brag, but to show you evidence that I'm a pretty good all around player, as well as to illustrate why I love ARAMs - I pride myself as a gamer on being versatile. I'll play any champ in any role on any map - and that's the attitude I have in most games (you don't want to see my Skyrim save files xD).

Because of the nature of ARAM as a game mode, I'm trying something a bit different with this tier list. It's very tough to compare champions in a vacuum, because there are so many contributing factors to whether or not an individual champion succeeds or fails on a game by game basis. Things such as...

>Player skill with that champion
>Allied team composition
>Enemy team composition
>Level of coordination on your team
>Player skill in general

This makes ARAM tier lists an especially tough nut to crack, but I'm going to try by separating the tier lists into roles. Many champions will appear in multiple role lists because they can be an entirely different champion/playstyle depending on how YOU choose to build and play them. All in all, I've structured the lists such that a Tier 1 tank is about as helpful to a team as a Tier 1 anything else. For this reason, some roles don't have a God-tier. I've also added a "Wild Card Tier" to many roles, because some champions have a high enough skill cap that they can range anywhere from carry-the-game good to terrible depending on who is playing them.

All comments, suggestions, criticisms, and arguments welcome - my flame suit is on, but please don't troll!

Final notes: I have tried to list champions in order of power. This does not mean that if I write, "Twisted Fate, Anivia" I think TF is substantially stronger - it means I think they're almost the same. But generally, the champ at the top of the tier is a little better than the 5th champ in the tier, and a little better still than the 10th champ in the tier - but they're still just that - in the same tier. I will list what a champion needs to be able to do in order to score points for the category. Further champion-specific analysis will be added if I think it's needed, or if people make strong arguments in the comments Lets start with my favorite class - the Tanks.

Tanks - survivability and damage absorption, crowd control, utility, initiation, damage

God Tier Mundo, Blitzcrank, Amumu

Mundo - #1 damage absorption, soft cc, solid poke, % damage poke, resistant to cc, does good damage even when built full tank. Goes wherever the hell he pleases.
Blitz - #1 initiation and it's not even close. Gets huge mana shield even when building full tank. Ok damage, exceptional fight control. Above average laugh spam, also is a robot.
Amumu - #1 damage from the tank role, lots of raw hard cc, Amumu's team always wants to be his friend forever.

Tier 1 Jarvan IV, Alistar, Malphite, Leona

Jarvan IV - Nice and tanky, has % damage, the best tank for physical damage. His ult helps. Usually. Generally can initiate with said ult and save his flag spear to interrupt high priority targets - now that's utility.
Alistar - best joke spam in the class, ultra tanky, heal for utility, solid control, but definitely suffers from that skill-cap thing we talked about earlier. A pro alistar probably belongs in God tier.
Malphite - gets the nod over leona because of the utility on his 'e'. Rock solid tank. Pokes better than leona and alistar.
Leona - ccs errywhere. Underrated damage from her passive too.

Tier 2 Nautilus, Rammus, Shen, Garen, Galio, Hecarim, Cho'Gath, Warwick, Xin Xhao

Rammus - because of his defensive ball curl, he can be ultra-versatile in his item builds which is always good. His taunt (I max it by 9), is good all game. Kills towers with ult, can get rylais and be a sick hard/soft cc machine.
Galio - is this low because his initiation is very team comp dependent. If he's the only initiator, and has to rely on flash, He just rounds out the bottom of tier two - has great poke through level 9 though.
Hecarim - I really think this guy is underrated when built full tank. Phage and Sheen > full tank, finish triforce if it gets to late game. His 'w' makes him an absolute monster because he scales with his team's damage. Very strong initiate - can save that ultimate for later, I kinda want this guy in tier 2. Maybe if he wins a couple more blue ribbons...(update, blue ribbon achieved!)
Cho - so hard to get stacks, true damage is great, 40% cdr is great, but with no damage at end game, I'd rather have someone from a higher tier. I only prefer tank cho if my team has hyper carries.
Warwick - very strong with enough gold, but has strong counters from ignite, morellonomicon and EC.
Xin - this guy builds whatever he wants and is pretty effective. If he's your only melee though, he's not the best tank, even when building for it.

Tier 3 Talon, Soraka, Rengar, Lulu, Nasus, Skarner, Nami,

Talon - I love talon with warmogs brutalizer start. Full tank from here works on him because you can derp hard, do decent damage, solid utility with aoe slow and silence, and you save your ult as a get-out-of-jail free card, not as a damage tool.
The 3 supports - try it some time if you haven't. Frozen heart, wota, veil, spirit visage, defense boots that counter the enemy. Takes the enemy too long to kill you, but if they ignore you, you put out a ton of heal/shield/cc/and damage.
Skarner - Same limitations as Galio, but without the poke. Great candidate for a shurelia's though.

Tier 4 Sejuani, Singed, Renekton, Volibear

Singed - remember this is the tank tier. If you build Singed with no damage, he can usually be safely ignored. Full tank with rylais is annoying, but not nearly as good as a tanky dps build.
Renekton - same as singed.
Volibear - same, but looks the most stylish no matter how you build him.

Tier 5 Sion, Trundle, Shyvana, Gangplank

Tier 6 Udyr, and every other champion not mentioned - I tried not to list too many tanky dps here (Jax, Irelia) because it's a pretty blurred line sometimes between bruiser and tank itemization. That is to say that a very tanky bruiser build looks a lot like a damage-leaning tank build.

innervation 12-23-2012 04:37 AM

Poke - damage, range, spammability

God Tier: Jayce, Nidalee, Lux, Master Yi, Varus, Fiddlesticks

Jayce - he's basically a 4 cheese pizza
Nidalee - cheddar
Lux - taking the ult into account here, with early cdr it often gets used as another form of poke. Speaking of spammability, she has one of the few laughs in the game that is report worthy.
Yi - his skills are superior.
Varus - great 'q', underrated 'e' (yes you should be starting chalice on this guy)
Fiddlesticks - I'm not sure why I don't see more complaints about him. His dark wind zones teams out of cs. His 'q' serves as a set up for more / short range poke from the team, and both of these skills are soft ccs that prevent counter poke.

Tier 1: All mages with 2-3 nukes, Janna, Ashe

It's pretty hard to differentiate between the common SR mid lane mages that you see in terms of their poke. Ahri, Brand, Ziggs, Cassio, Xerath and many more - they're all pretty similar in terms of poking power. It's good. It's real good. And probably has some cc thrown in too.
Ashe - Poke matters after 6 as well, and her level 5-7 volley is a real terror. Huge range, huge aoe, also deals phys damage, so all that mr people are stacking for the early game lets her poke hard in the early-mid game

Tier 2: Corki, Sivir, Miss Fortune, Graves, Ezreal, Twitch, Draven, Maokai, Vladimir, Sona, Lulu, Soraka, Nami, Kenen

Tier 3: Talon, Mundo, Zed, Gangplank, Pantheon, Sion, Vayne, Tristana, Rumble, Kha'Zix, Kayle

With a couple mages by their side, these guys can help too. If they're you're only poke...ouch.
Tristana - bump a tier if you're AP
Rumble - short range but spammable...eh I could be convinced to move Rumble. Best taunt spam in the category. JUMP JUMP JUMP NOT HOLDING CONTROLS JUMP ETC.
Kha'Zix - only if you evolve w and have built mana to support the spam - he's basically tier two when this is the case, but tier 4 before it.

Tier 5: Shen, Lee Sin, Warwick, Mordekaiser, Shyvana, Skarner, Rengar, Fizz,

Don't worry Shyvana, some day you'll grow up to be a beautiful dragon.

Tier 6: Leona, Alistar, Udyr, Tryndamere, Trundle, Hecarim, Poppy

innervation 12-23-2012 04:38 AM

Mages - total kit. damage, CC, utility, poke, range, spammability, scaling

God Tier: Karthus, Lux, Heimer, Janna, Fiddlesticks

Karthus - gets high marks in every category, but his scaling and teamfight dynamics just put him over the top.
Lux - dat poke. hahaha. A HAHAHAHA HEHE...oooooh. Also that disgusting shield.
Heimer - the pushing power, the poke, hard and soft cc, scaling. And oh yeah, he heals you and your tower passively. Lolwut.
Janna - only here if built hard AP - her damage and utility just scales so well. A 500 AP Janna is a force.
Fiddlesticks - real terror

Tier 1: Twisted Fate, Gragas, Zilean, Zyra, Xerath, Karma, Brand, Ryze, Morganna, Nidalee, Viktor, Cassiopea, Ziggs, Syndra, Annie, Orianna, Malzahar, Ahri

Twisted Fate - mostly topping the tier for his ult - controls the engagement, can be used to backdoor or deny, great damage and scaling, utility with gold/red cards - TF just lacks that one elite skill that puts him God Tier - hes just A- at everything, A+ at nothing.
Gragas - same as TF, his ult counters a lot of shenanigans
Zilean - ult too good
Zyra - kit too good
Xerath - his stun is just a little easier to land than Brands, which sets up your team for more kills imo.
Ryze - limited a bit by his range,
Morganna - limited a bit by the skill of the player, but not enough to qualify as a wild card. Also black shield is super underrated.
Nidalee - I would be willing to move her around within the tier, but I feel like she has to be punished for how hard she falls off late game when built hard AP, and the lack off cc...

Wild Cards Veigar, Teemo, Katarina, Akali, Fizz, Elise, Shaco, Evelynn, Poppy

Ok, our first Wild Card tier. This means they can range anywhere from the bottom of God Tier to low Tier 3, depending on the skill of the player and team comps. Results for these champions vary greatly from game to game.

Veigar - Either you press the right buttons in the right order fast enough or you don't. Also stun placement matters a lot.
Teemo - AP teemo gets a big chunk of his damage cut out by one item...but will the other team's comp have someone willing and able to semi-regularly carry that oracle. Also his build order matters.
Katarina - some games there can be as many as 6-8 ways to stop her ult. That sucks. Also some players just don't have the patience and vision to play her to max effectiveness.
Akali - her limitations are a combo of Teemo and Kat's. Can carry. Can get stomped.
Elise - I feel like not many people play her enough to be good with her / build her right / skill up right. A good Elise can push into Tier 1 territory.
Shaco - EXTREMELY team comp and skill dependent. A Pro Shaco will ham-dangle you with his ult all day though.

Tier 2: Swain, Kassadin, Master Yi, Vlad, Rumble, Kennen, Cho'Gath, Maokai, Galio, Amumu, Sona, Mordekaiser

Tier 1, Tier 2, and Wild Card mages are all pretty close in power level really. The separation from Tier 1 to 2 comes in the form of one or two significant drawbacks in the title category. While Ryze might have slightly limited range, he does everything else well enough to make up for it. Master Yi on the other hand nukes really hard, but offers nothing to the team in terms of setting up fights or cc. Most of the champs in Tier 2 have limitations if they rush a deathcap, while most Tier 1 mages don't share those limitations.

Swain - the best way to optimize his kit is to build those tanky AP items. If this guy rushes a deathcap, he's probably staying way out of melee range, and missing out on a great chance to provide more damage and some damage absorption for the team.
Kassadin - generally gets outclassed in the poke department, needs to use that gap closer to be optimal which often puts him in near-melee range. This guy might need to be changed to a wild card - I've seen some Kassadins really snowball as well.
Vlad - I don't consider his 'e' a poke. It is in a 1v1 matchup on SR, but less so in ARAM when he faces 5x the counter poke. He scales very well, and gets pretty tanky end game, but not all ARAMs get to end game. Great utility with the ult...this guy might move around a bit as well.
Mordekaiser - similar to vlad - he is susceptible to poke and burst for most of the early and mid game. Against a favorable matchup, he stomps hard though.

Tier 3: Nasus, Nunu, Diana, Kog'Maw, Nami, Singed, Lulu, Soraka

Nasus - notbadface.jpg His 'e' can cause some real problems as hard AP, and he becomes a natural candidate for a lich bane. Generally requires tank items to transition into late game...which would make him more tanky dps than mage. Fun Fact: his ult scales with AP as well, and is the reason he makes tier 3. Situationally great.
Nunu - those iceballs hurt, but if you build hard AP, you can almost guarantee yourself as priority #1 for hard ccs. Also you sacrifice your tankiness. Mad sustain though.
Diana - see Nasus, as I'm nitpicking about itemization with these role-tier lists. As a pure mage, she's squishy for a melee.
Nami/Lulu/Soraka - can function as mages in a pinch, but not as well as janna, or sona. Too squishy for use against most comps.

Tier 5: Nautilus, Gangplank, Rengar, Alistar, Shen, Warwick

Eh...you've gotta put items on them right? Why not Zoidberg? Er I mean AP? Oh yeah, because they're probably better off built otherwise.

Tier 6: Udyr, the rest.

poor Udry

innervation 12-23-2012 04:38 AM

Bruisers and other Tanky DPS - survivability, damage, cc, gap closing, early game

Tier 1: Amumu, Ryze, Wukong, Jarvan, Jayce, Xin Xhao Karma, Vi, Pantheon, Soraka

Wukong - survives early poke with decoy, sick ultimate, natural tankiness, high damage even with the classic bruiser build - this guy defines the tier.
Jarvan - swap out some of those tank items for tanky dps items and you're sitll royalty. No ranged champion wants to deal with this guy.
Jayce - I've seen Jayces that play predominantly melee bruiser and build like it, just coming out occasionally to poke with OP ball. It's quite effective.
Karma - a very nice balance of gap closing, damage, utility, and the best early game in the group.
Vi - haven't seen much, but what I have seen has been impressive. Mobile. Tanky. Damagey. Helps lock down the rangers.
Pantheon - need I say more?
Soraka - one of the few on this list that adds team utility along with tankiness and damage. When built like a bruiser, you're debuffing the entire enemy team with starcall, while naturally buffing your team's Magi Res. Very nice.

Tier 2: Jax, Riven,Singed, Alistar, Garen, Irelia, Rengar, Swain, Vladimir, Kassadin

Jax - this guy might deserve end of tier 1 treatment. He's an asset.
Riven - same as Jax, I had a tough time deciding where the cut off should be
Alistar - makes this tier as AD or AP bruiser. Your team comp should dictate whether you go bruiser or support
Vlad - I feel that this is where he really shines - taking a hextech revolver into guise and cdr, not rushing a hat. Some games you can get away with that true-mage vlad build though.
Kassadin - I have seen some very effective bruiser Kass builds, and I'm very impressed. If you're not super-familiar with Kassadin, Id recommend RoA, Iceborn Gauntlet, mercs, and rylais - and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty with the melees - as a bruiser your ult is a chase tool, not an initiate/escape - you walk up to the enemy with this build.

Wild Cards: Yorick, Lee Sin, AD Shaco, Poppy, Urgot, Nasus

Yorick - is comp dependent. He usually has a good ult target, but when he doesn't, it feels pretty lackluster. In general, Yorick is closer to Tier 1/2 than 3.
Lee Sin / AD Shaco - a lot of room for skilled play.
Poppy (AD) - hard to pull off, takes a lot of gold.
Urgot - pretty hit or miss. Right? With his 'e'. right? guys? ...ok
Nasus - some team comps, Nasus is just not meant to play against.

Tier 3: Gangplank, Talon, Kha'Zix, Shen, Nautilus

Gangplank - takes too much gold to really get to his prime, solid once he's there though.
Talon / Kha'zix - their power levels are higher than 3, but oracles go a long way towards countering them. Occasionally you see these guys snowball, but just as frequently they get stomped.
Shen - Could be played as a bruiser, but why when he's such a good tank? Zephyr + Shiv if you want to do it though.
Nautilus - see shen

Tier 4: Mordekaiser, Fiora, Elise, Shyvana, Volibear, Hecarim, Leona, Trundle

For some of these champs, it's their best option, but currently the map isn't kind to tanky dps with no poke. For others (Leona, Fiora) they have roles that they fill much more successfully.

Tier 5: Everyone else (most mages).

You can build them tank heavy if you're worried about assassins, but at least try to get some damage online.

Tier 6: Udyr


innervation 12-23-2012 04:39 AM

AD Carries, Supports, and Hyper AD melee

Hyper AD melee: Fiora, Talon, Wukong, Jax, Riven, Zed, Yi, Trynd

Not gonna bother dividing them into tiers - Fiora and Jax have the best balance of sheer power, + time taken to get there. Each only needs 1.5 to 2 (albeit expensive) items to become problematic. Wukong and Riven have better early games, but less powerful lategames. Yi and Trynd have the best late games, but take forever to get to the point that they're stronger than Fiora or Jax.

Starting to rethink this - seeing some very impressive play from Fiora, Talon, and Wukong when built hard AD with little tank. Their ability to change a battle via frontloading tons of physical damage while not dying immediately (Fiora ult, Talon ult, Wukong - naturally tanky and generally ppl are running away from your ult and therefore not hitting you) is a huge asset against anything but the most bruiser-ish of teams. Would like to hear more opinions on these 3 especially.

AD Carries: Outside of Jayce and Varus, to me, the ADCs are basically wild cards. In skilled hands, they are closer to Tier 1 champions, played poorly, they're Tier 3. With a reasonably balanced team where they have the tools available to farm and get to late game, they are closer to Tier 1. With 4 low tier champions, they get dragged down to Tier 3.

Supports: Much like ADC's, they're pretty variable, but in a reverse power level kind of way. They're pretty strong early and mid game, but if the other team is better end game, or is just plain better, you pretty much have to go along for the ride - you can't itemize your way out of the situation.

Kayle Is getting her own mini section here. Functions well as both a support or hyper carry. Kayle basically starts as a tier 3 anything, and just keeps scaling up the longer the game goes own. I think most team comps enjoy having a Kayle - possibly the ultimate champion in terms of versatility - you can build ANYTHING and still be reasonably useful to your team so long as you know Kayle mechanically.

ihaveapotion 12-23-2012 06:41 AM

there already is a tier guide though slightly out of date due to no new champs being included, also no no no the tanky champs in the top post are in no way in any high tier.

they cant do anything pre 6 and thus will get completely smashed, before they hit 6 they will have lost 2 towers minimum, and hardly any cash to put to use from their deaths.

innervation 12-23-2012 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by ihaveapotion (Hozzászólás 32755839)
there already is a tier guide though slightly out of date due to no new champs being included, also no no no the tanky champs in the top post are in no way in any high tier.

they cant do anything pre 6 and thus will get completely smashed, before they hit 6 they will have lost 2 towers minimum, and hardly any cash to put to use from their deaths.

I have never lost 2 towers in a game before level 6. Ever. I think you're speaking in hyperbole sir.

Even in trying to think of the reverse situation - I don't believe I've ever taken 2 towers before a team hit level 6 - and I've won some games in 8:xx minutes where the full 5 opponents were there.

Also, I checked out your tier list: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...php?p=26945879

There's some good information in there, but this list is for ARAM, yours seems more geared towards draft + ban.

Hakari L 12-23-2012 07:26 AM

Sejuani is really good as well, she's like a different version of Amumu:
Q: They are similar skills except Sejuani's is easier to use, is AOE but do less damage and shorter range.
W: Again, similar skills except Sejuani's scales with her own HP and Amumu's scale with enemy HP.
E: They both do damage but Sejunai also does a massive AOE slow
R: Sejuani's is ranged and easier to land and can turn into a massive slow. Amumu's has more raw stun power.

innervation 12-23-2012 07:55 AM

I would think about Sej for tier 3 but here's the thing. If you need a hard engage pre-6, Amumu has it and Sej doesn't. CC chains can be a big deal 3-5, so not only can amumu help the team if hes the only hard cc by initiating, but he chains very well too.

Also, post 6, the bandage toss really sets him apart from Sej. It's not the first one, but the second and third bandage tosses that are a big deal. Those are the ones that peel for a carry, or catch a runner. And they are super fight changing as well.

Mummy also gets one-stop-shopping for his scaling, and can skimp on hp if he wants to. This versatility allows him to build the max amount of damage he can while still being just tanky enough to do the job. And this damage, imo, is always higher than Sejuani's.

I will admit that I haven't seen enough Sej to say with confidence that she is tier 4 though, would definitely like more opinions.

Hakari L 12-23-2012 09:17 AM

Amumu is stronger just because he has better lv.3 fights since nobody can tank the entire team at lv.3 and it's more about catching someone and locking him down. But I would say Sej is up there with Naut Shen and Rammus. She's definitely better than singed because singed is more easily kited and has to build AP to do real damage. Character size is also something to consider, a larger champion will block more clicks and it does make a difference.

I also think Mundo shouldn't be gold tier. He basically has much more (like 60%+) HP than he really has in fights, but he doesn't have much CC to work with.

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