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VG Steamroller 12-22-2012 01:00 PM

VG Clan Tournament
Variety Gaming is a NA League of Legends Clan and saturday we will be having a open tournament. (01-12-13)

Understand this is not a huge tournament, nothing like solomid does, just a little fun thing we do.

If you are interested in playing with us we will be playing at 4:30pm CST (5:30 EST/ 2:30 PST) . All you have to do is join our ventrilo server and join our "PICK ME" channel around 4:15pm CST. Please be on early to ensure your spot. You will not choose your team, we pick using captains.

- Do not disrespect/ rage at anyone, this is for fun and not to watch you express your self esteem issues.
- Be patient, it may take time to get games started as well as make teams. Assume to not start for atleast 10-15 min after 5:00pm.
- Provide friendly advice, constructive criticism helps everyone, including yourself.
- Participate until it's over. We will have the brackets posted on our website, please have time to play until we finish.
- No more than 8 teams, so make sure you show up early!!!
- Double elimination.

There is no prize. It is fun and competitive and hosted to promote our community and give anyone a feel for Variety Gaming.

We look forward to playing with everyone!

Ventrilo -
IP: Uranium.typefrag.com
Port: 8790

Website -

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VG Steamroller 01-12-2013 02:18 PM

10 min!

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