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NeeksNaman 12-21-2012 05:50 PM

New Free Champion Rotation (Preseason: Week 6)
Greetings Summoners!

Here are this week's free champions:

Week 6 (this week):

Wondering how we picked this week's free champions? Read up on it HERE.

See you on the Fields of Justice!

InterventX 12-24-2012 04:37 PM

Not bad, I get to try out a few champions that I always wanted to :)

Yisus16 12-24-2012 04:37 PM

i like orianna and viktor... but udyr again?

Elder Schnelle 12-24-2012 04:38 PM

i like this week's champs, im thinking about buying most of them.

Scrombie 12-24-2012 04:39 PM

Pony week!

2Gyup 12-24-2012 04:39 PM

LOL WTF. This thread was made 2 days ago?!?!

MrMisterblue 12-24-2012 04:39 PM

no nami yet?

Wolféran Maximus 12-24-2012 04:40 PM

Awesome! I always wanted to try jungle Hecarim :)

WILL SMlTH 12-24-2012 04:40 PM

let the feeding begins!

dpfactor 12-24-2012 04:41 PM

yay hecarim!

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