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George W Nome 12-20-2012 02:53 PM

Who are the best champions?
Hey guys, I wanted to get a general idea of what you guys think are the best champions on Twisted Treeline, currently.

If possible, I'd like to get an explanation of why they're strong, not just that they're overpowered. For example, don't just say Teemo is too strong--say "Teemo is strong because he has really good map control with Noxious Trap. Blackfire Torch lets him burn 25% of your health without him even being close to you."

I'd like to figure out a good way to deal with these outliers, so let's come up with a good, comprehensive list first :)

Warrikon 12-20-2012 02:59 PM

ryze seemed very powerful but i haven't played him much in it.

I'd guess swain aswell.

Only because they are the only things that aren't bruisers, that can fight like bruisers.

Visualizations 12-20-2012 03:01 PM

In general, most gap closing bruisers and bursty mages do really well on twisted treeline.

Harusca 12-20-2012 03:04 PM

I'll echo the gap-closing bruisers sentiment. But Singed has lately given me and some friends a ton of grief: he's hard enough to kill with 5 people focusing on him, and near impossible with 3 as other damage dealers need to be prioritized first, yet Singed still deals a lot of damage his poison + BFT.

And that fling. /shudder

SummonAddict 12-20-2012 03:06 PM

I'd have to say that Garen is one of the best champions on TT right now, since he can build a lot of damage and only a bit of armor and still come out nearly as tanky as others who sacrifice more item slots for armor and magic resistance because of his W's passive, while still dealing tons of damage.

Ravechaosknight 12-20-2012 03:06 PM

Lux is pretty strong, her Ult's presence is really good on TT. She got a little more manageable with the new layout but still has really good presence.

dicecube 12-20-2012 03:06 PM

Darius, Teemo, Jax, Singed

PeskyPanda 12-20-2012 03:09 PM

I would say Jayce. That might seem odd, but he can already Q through walls and from any point in lane he can shoot almost through jungle and vice-versa. I understand that's difficult to work around considering it's just map design versus a character, but I think it would make sense to have objects skillshots couldn't penetrate.

Vaygas 12-20-2012 03:09 PM

Although perhaps not what you're looking for, it's easier to put it this way, in my opinion:

Any champion that does much better with a solid lane phase (Karthus, Anivia, etc.) is all but completely useless. This new map does not allow for the calculated play style that some teams, even pro teams such as CLG EU prefer to play. As such, any champion that is able to push very early on and win early duels (Olaf, Lee Sin, Jax, etc.) are VERY strong. High mobility champions, such as Riven that are able to gap close, (shields for early turret dives) separate some of the fighters into God Tier from otherwise high tiered.

On the flip side, champions that don't need a lot of farm, such as Singed are immensely strong despite not being good at early fights or duels.

It would be a nice option to be able to stray from the 2 bruisers (1 jungling), 1 ap carry meta that seems to dominate the vast majority of games thus far.

To protect some lane viability, I feel that allowing the Altars to grant vision (similar to a ward) to the area around, not just for champions standing on. I am not sure why wards were removed, but I can't help thinking that this loss has caused a convergence of strategy options, rather than the divergence that we were told was the objective.

Luego 12-20-2012 03:10 PM

Sam's list is generally considered accurate.

Teemo's not nearly the problem people think he is, but people refuse to buy oracles.

Singed is OP. I'm not a great player, but win most singed games. I doubt this is fixable, without completely and utterly destroying him on 5s. New itemization has weakened him, but he's still able to build RoA/Rylais/Sunfire or Abssal/BFT or wooglets. Tanky, disruptive, and does damage. It's just impossible to keep him from farming.

Darius OP. Build fulltank, and still need to be focussed first in a teamfight, or build up stacks and dunkdunk. And focussing the tank sucks.

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