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Steampwrd Kitten 12-20-2012 05:01 AM

A Basic Guide to Roleplay Combat
Welcome to my first guide! This guide was made with the intention of helping people understand the basic ins and outs of roleplay combat.

First things first – Make sure you have a character! It’d be kind of silly to go in and start flailing about wildly trying to hit everything in sight. You can do that after you make a character. Well, some can. It might not work too well, though!

Next – Refine your character. What kind are they? Close range, long range, magic users, tanks, hybrids, etc. etc.? What kind of weapon do they use? What are their skills? Any passives? What’s their ultimate attack? Remember to be fair when considering your characters abilities. You don’t want to make them too strong, too weak, or not fit in at all. I suggest browsing the Champions and get some ideas of limitations from them. Mix and match! But be fair, and try to be original. Writing a history does wonders for developing your character, too. I recommend playing the character once you get the basics down, and not going into RP Combat until you get a feel for them. Figure out their personality, and their morals (or lack there of?). Here are some guides to help with character basics:

The RP Character Creation and Balance Guide
TBW's guide to developing a character
Online Character Database < -- You should totally utilize this. It's very useful. Just make an account, and you can drop a bunch of info on your character into a profile. Even add a picture! Hyperlink the profile page when making a new thread, joining a new RP or when someone requests it.

What’s next? Next we come to ---- COMBAT! Right, the one thing this guide was specifically made for. RP combat is fun if done right. A few big, BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE things you should always, always, always remember when in RP combat.

1. It’s a GAME
Don’t worry if you’re losing. It’s a game! It happens. Just like losing a PvP, it DOES HAPPEN and losing gracefully is never a bad thing.

2. If it’s not fun, stop!
Seriously! If you’re not having fun, stop. If you’re getting frustrated, maybe it’s time to take a break? Walk away, cool your head and come back later. And eat icecream. Because we all scream for icecream – right? Okay maybe not. Find another outlet, and focus on something else for a bit. Trust me it helps. I recommend Pewdie Pie if you need a good laugh.

3. Always be considerate!
Respecting the other player, and communicating your concerns will do wonders for improving your RP experience. Especially when it comes to RP combat. If Joe Bob is loldodging constantly, bring it up. Keep a cool head, and ask them to reconsider. Talking it out is an amazing problem solving tool. It’s far superior to letting it fester and having to resort to #2.

What’s NEXT!?
That had nothing to do with combat? SURE IT DID. Read it again, and you’ll see.


YES we’re really there this time. Promise.

Freeform Combat – This is a style of combat used by the majority of users. It’s one of the simplest means of having combat. No use of dice, no GM, and generally no hassle either! You take turns, posting one or two actions (be fair! No posting 50 actions OMG! There may be champions, but even they can’t move that fast.), the next person does the same, so on and so forth. There’s generally no posting order where a list is used to determine who posts in what order. You make one post, and wait for everyone else to respond. Then you respond to them and so on and so forth. Very basic! Sometimes posting orders are incorporated.

Dice Combat
– This style is where dice come into play. Generally rolling 1D10 or 2D10 to determine hit, miss, or dodge will assist in combat situations where players may want that extra bit of assurance that the combat is being done fairly. You can find a ton of dice rollers online including a D&D one that supplies various different types of dice, and even adds modifiers into play. Of course you shouldn’t need that for this. A simple dice roll or two to determine the outcome of player actions is a very simplified means of controlling the course of the scene.

GM – Sometimes players want that third party involved, which isn’t a bad thing. It can actually be very useful having a neutral party to make sure things stay fair. Or running an event for players! That’s always fun! Monsters, NPC enemy soldiers, or well.. ANYTHING. Sometimes a GM will use dice to determine things, but in a lot of cases they’ll just decide how things go depending on the actions of the characters. If you find a really awesome GM to run events in your threads, I guarantee you’ll have an amazing time win or lose. Of course it doesn’t take having a GM to have a blast in RP combat! And any player can be a GM for the roleplay. There are no designated GMs on the LoL forums.

Am I forgetting anything? Well let’s discuss RP Etiquette real quick.

More basics!

There is no controlling other people’s actions. Just like real life, you can't use mind control to make people do something against their wishes. You can’t even do that with hypnotized people! You can’t take that NPC character someone else is using and say it does this or that. It doesn’t work like that. Let whoever is in control of the character; PC or NPC, control its actions. This falls under being considerate, and fair.

There is no auto-hit. Auto-hitting is simply saying your action succeeds without giving the other player the choice in the outcome. It IS a form of cheating. I see it done a lot, and some people might not mind it. However the option should always be there and not made for the other player. So if you go to say – grab someone? You can try to grab them. Then the other player decides if it succeeds or not. Or the dice. Or the GM.

You and your character are not God. What does this mean? You are not infallible. You are not immune to all things, and you are not going to lolstomp every opponent you come in contact with. There are limitations, and exceeding those is silly and inconsiderate. Just like in a game, your character can only do so much. Every super hero may have some incredible strength, but it’s balanced with limitations and weaknesses. This applies strongly in RP Combat where your characters potential shines the brightest.

Here’s a link to a website that has a lot of good information about RP Combat and various RP related things. I highly recommend it if you want to explore a little deeper into the subject.

Combat Roleplay Guide

This guide will likely be updated periodically to fill in stuff I may have missed or forgotten. I also encourage people to post their own methods of RP Combat, and what it offers that makes it a good alternative to the ones aforementioned.

I hope my guide was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

Also please upvote if you liked it. :)

Dojel 12-20-2012 05:38 AM

Nice guide, but I want to point that 2d10 almost never gets used, that basically only gets used to simulate a d100. d20 actually exists.

Steampwrd Kitten 12-20-2012 05:49 AM

The 2D10 is just short for saying two 10 sided dice :) If you want to roll for attack AND dodge, then rolling 2 dice is a quick way to do it. Using an online dice roller, they generally stack into two lines. Top, or the first to come up, would be your first action. Then the second would be for your second action.

Dojel 12-20-2012 05:55 AM

Oh... Well, Usually they use d20 to simulate basic actions like attacking. That, or I need to stop thinking in tabletop

Steampwrd Kitten 12-20-2012 06:03 AM

I could be wrong! :) It's how I've handled combat in other RP settings. The dice roller we used was very basic. You clicked the number of dice first, then the kind of dice, and it posted the results in stacks of numbers. So if you rolled three 10 sided dice, you'd get:
1d10; roll 3 = 3
1d10; roll 5 = 5
1d10; roll 1 = 1

It was dependent on multiple factors occurring in the combat. But primarily the first would be attack or dodge. Second would be attack or dodge. Third might be for damage. Or to see how much a spell might effect someone. Or to determine if there were lasting consequences to certain actions. So on and so forth.

Also thanks! Glad you liked the guide :D

Trynd The King 12-20-2012 10:58 AM

Really helpful thank you. I have been wanting to fight someone, but I didn't really know how to go about it. I only had one fight since I been here and I don't know how I did.

Kameil 12-20-2012 11:16 AM

Deserves an upvote. I find it quite helpful, maybe some will learn how to fight RP wise.

Steampwrd Kitten 12-20-2012 01:34 PM

Thank you! I'm really happy people are finding this guide useful :D

Ryugi Kazamaru 12-20-2012 01:39 PM

If I may offer something from my first RPing combat home...


List of what we're against:

The people who never miss a single shot no matter how hard it is (Aimbotters).
The people who can't be hit or just shrug it off (god-moders).
The people who have absurdly strong powers (twinks).
The people who 'balance' by having a massive, irrelevant weakness and massive powers (min-maxers).
The people who use Out Of Character knowledge to get an edge (Miss Cleos).
The people who do things in hindsight (McFlys).
The people who RP other people's characters for them (Puppetmasters).
The people who RP completely irrelevant things (Daydreamers).
The people who RP actions and time against others while the others aren't presant (Shoe elves).
The people who ignore or alter RPs that they don't like (Revisionists).
The people who RP an absurdly time consuming sequence between other people's actions (Speedhackers).
The people who play as characters that are completely impossible (Oxymorons).
The people who arbitrarily declare themselves the winner with instant death attacks (Baghdad Bobbits).
The people who've taken actions before they start RPing (Gaseous Snakes).
The people who alter their character as needed for the situation (Zoicite).
The people who gain abilities as they need them with no prior exposure (Trinities).
The people who pick-up things that spawn from seemingly nowhere (Quakers).
The people who assume an opponents reaction instead of waiting for a response (Munchers).
The people who can see/walk through walls because they don't pay attention to where they are (Ghosts).

Steampwrd Kitten 12-20-2012 01:45 PM

That's brilliant! I like. Thanks for posting it :)

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