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Adonixx 12-20-2012 01:10 AM

SLGaming Recruiting Members, Teams & Communities
Don’t reply to this thread, just come join us in TeamSpeak!!

Website: www.StealthLawGaming.com
In-Game Chatroom: SLGaming
TeamSpeak Client Download: click here
SLG TeamSpeak Server Address: ts3.StealthLawGaming.com:5690

StealthLaw Gaming is a Multi-Gaming community that uses Social Networking & TeamSpeak to bring gamers together. Through friendly competition we test our minds battling it out against other players. We are a new LoL community looking to grow and currently have open recruitment.

Clan Managers
Dés aka Déschanel

#1. Who we look to grow with
#2. Recruitment Requirements
#3. How Recruitment used to work, and will work in the future
#4. Competition and Team Creation, now and in the future
#5. SLG Rules in a nutshell
#6. Levels of SLG Admin Tags

#1. Who we look to grow with

- Mature, active players that are age of 16 and older.
- Communities just starting out with proper admins that would like to merge with us. Helping us grow by leading SLG together with us.
- Lone Teams looking for community. To create competitive team pages and to stand with SLG.

#2. Recruitment Requirements

- We use TeamSpeak3 to communicate while playing, and just to hang out in general. We feel that to be a part of the community you need to be able to communicate with us through voice-comms.

Attitude - Members of StealthLaw Gaming are expected to conduct themselves in a fashion that represents the clan at all times, so as a potential recruit keep this in mind while playing. We all troll and joke with each other, but blatant racism or rudeness is not acceptable. If you don't like someone, by all means don't play with them, but be respectful.

In-Game auto idling of our LoL chatroom ‘SLGaming’ – Members can add other members and post for games within the chat or on teamspeak. It is preferred you idle this chat so you can add members to your friends list.

#3. How Recruitment used to work, and will work in the future
The recruitment phase starts the moment you post an introduction thread here: Introductions, and connect to our teamspeak. Once you connect, you will receive the community member tag. Every few weeks a private session occurs where Elders and Recruiters have the chance to place certain members up for recruitment; this lasts about a week. Should your name make it through the week, an administrator will privately invite you into the clan.

#4a. Competition, now and in the future
We in our perfect world will have 4-6 teams in teamspeak in the following months. Having the ability to hold in-houses is important. We’ve been working on a tournament system that works with the challenge API for awhile now, but development is slow since we’re adding a few things to the system.

#4b. Team Creation
SLG Members can create temporary channels with passwords in teamspeak. For everyone else, there are about 900 channels to chose from. Anyone signed up on our website has access to a gamer scheduler for members that use it. You can also create a private group on our social networking board that gives you a private forum for members signed up.

#5. SLG Rules in a nutshell
We have a list of rules and a way for handling conflicts on our website. Long story short, if a player becomes a problem for the rest of the community to the point one of these rules has to be looked up and dished out, temporary bans can be put in place. All problems between players that need elevating to an admin can be posted our website and will be handled by staff. All bans are handled by a vote taken by upper staff.

Within our teamspeak members have the ability to change some of their tags, this includes handling your own ELO icons. Members that state they have a higher elo than they have ergo allowing them to join some ‘Top ELO’ channels can get into theoretical trouble.

#6. Levels of SLG Admin Tags
We have several different tags in teamspeak, some of which are managed by you. Clan tags consist of member tags, manager tags, elder tags, master instructors and a Grand Master tag. Member tags are blue and are worn by all members. Manager tags consist of two separate tags and possibly 3 in the future. Class A Managers have 6 or more rune pages. Class B Managers have 3 or more rune pages. Elders are dedicated upstanding members that could essentially take over the clan. Master Instructors are those that can take over the clan at any time and have the time to run things more directly on a day to day basis. The only difference between Elders and Master Instructors is time allotted to the community. Grand Master runs the community.

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