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N0peTheVagineer 12-19-2012 04:10 AM

If you can make a Tf2 class as a champ in this.
who would it be :P?

Def Hoovy.

Passive:Keep Crying babies!- Reduces damage taken from enemy champions and minions. 15%
Q:Sandvich-(channel)- heals 50/100/150/200/250 a second for 5 seconds.
W:Pootis POW!-(Nuke)- Shoots a Enemy champ with a imaginary bullet and deals 90/140/190/240/290 damage. and a slight knock back.
E:Bullet Proof-(Buff)- Gives 3 seconds of invulnerability.
R:Sascha-(Transformation buff)- Pulls out Heavy's prized minigun: Natascha, which deals only 90% damage and slows attack speed by 25% but slows enemies hit by 25% for 2 seconds.

xD lol...

warfighter101 12-19-2012 09:55 PM


Passive: Be polite: When you /T on when seeing an enemy corpse you take off your hat and gain 10 percent health regen for the next.....death (stacks up to 10 times)
Q JARATIE: (target) Throws a bottle of erm.....urn on an area all enemys hit take all crits are vishioned and are taunted.
W:No team needs 5 snipers: Turns intire team into snipers.
E Spy proof: All stealthed enemys in sight range are killed on sight.
R defenitly NOT a copied ulti: The sniper sits down and goes into scope to snipe the enemy If anyone gets in the way the shot is blocked. On impact it Creates a useless rainbow.

Intellectional 12-20-2012 02:37 PM

Don't think this game is gonna last long. There are only 9 classes...

Le Pyro

Passive- Asbestos Suit: Pyro is immune to damage over time effects.

Q- Flamethrower: Does magical damage to enemies in a cone in front of Pyro, applying "on fire", dealing additional magic damage over time.

W- Airblast: Knocks back all enemies in a cone in front of Pyro, dealing magical damage. Any enemy projectiles hit by Airblast are reflected towards their point of origin.

E- Flare Gun: Fires a projectile in a line, dealing damage and applying "On Fire" to the first enemy unit it hits. If the target is already on fire, Flare Gun deals additional damage.

R- Huddah Huddah Hah!: Pyro gains increased movement speed and takes reduced damage for the duration. Additionally, he is immune to crowd control and his skill cooldowns are reduced.

Theodore83 11-09-2013 09:12 AM

Scout, the Boston Mercenary

Passive: 25% of attack damage accounts for extra attack speed. 25% of attack speed accounts for extra movement speed. 25% of movement speed accounts for extra attack damage. The effects do not cycle.
Q: Pester-Scout. Scout gains 10% movement speed and causes all champions in a range to focus their attacks on him for a few seconds.
W: Sandman launch. Scout hits a baseball toward an opponent. When an enemy champion is hit, they are slowed by a percentage that scales with the distance the ball has traveled. If the ball travels the max distance and hits a champion, that champion is stunned for 1.5 seconds.
E: Scattergun shot. Scout pulls out his trusty scattergun and shoots in a small cone front of him. The bullets lose damage over time.
R: Bonk. Scout drinks his highly-caffineated beverage, gaining 30% movement speed and invincibility for 8 seconds. While in this state, Scout cannot attack, or be knocked up, charmed, feared, or be affected by slows.

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