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Seel 12-18-2012 12:08 AM

Does anyone want Morgana (Codes)
I work at a Gamestop in Toronto, we recently got in a box of morgana codes. We have more than 3k left. We will never get rid of them all, we don't even have enough RP cards! I took us months to give out all the alistar codes and we only got 200. So yea because of that i took some home, so if you want a morgana code then just post and i will choose randomly, no i didn't steal these my manager gave them to me.

Just so people stop adding me randomly, i will add you if you get chosen, and i am about to give out my last one, then ill have about 25-50 tomorrow again.

UPDATE! I just gave out my last one of the night look for this bored tomorrow.

A3ther 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

like, a morg skin? yes plz

Primetime Ziggs 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

okay! (:


Daemon 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

Is it just for Morgana, or is there a skin involved as well?

unsanctifier 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

you work at fairview mall.

CrusherCake 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

Awesome :D

Maplelovena 12-18-2012 12:09 AM

YES! me :3

Seel 12-18-2012 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by A3ther (Hozzászólás 32564114)
like, a morg skin? yes plz

No we don't get skins sadly, we just get champion codes.

BlitzingDeath 12-18-2012 12:10 AM

I'll have one if you got extras. Thanks.

GreatFlux 12-18-2012 12:10 AM

cant see why not!

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